3 Ways To Fully Develop Your Intuition6 min read


What is Intuition?  Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” So what are the forces that allow a person to know something, without using conscious reasoning?

Some would say intuition is scientifically explainable by the subconscious mind. However, many people, probably spiritual people, will tell you that intuition transcends science and delves into territory science has yet to explain.

Surely psychic phenomena can eventually be explained by science, or has a scientific explanation; we just don’t know it yet. This article is going to delve into the phenomena of intuition, what may cause this intuition, and how to fully utilize it.

This article delves into deep spiritual territory that is difficult to believe for the more logically minded people. For the logically minded, this information is also logically provable. Putting this knowledge to an objective test will reveal the truth. I believe all spiritual truth can stand up to healthy skepticism and test.

1) Meditation

Meditation is among the most sacred of practices, among the most sacred of activities when it comes to sharpening the mind, strengthening and conditioning the mind, and tapping into the unknown forces inside a soul. Meditation is by far the best way to strengthen your intuition, tap into it, and utilize it fully.

In deep meditation, lasting an hour or more, individuals gifted with intuition can tap into their natural intuitive power by intently focusing on that part of themselves. At first, the person meditating will see constructs of the imagination in their closed eye visuals, about a half hour into meditation. After a longer period of meditating, people can tap into a place that goes far beyond the imagination; a place of intuition where people have been known to see visions.

Astrological experiments have determined that certain people are blessed with deeper intuitive powers, and others find it much more difficult to connect to intuition.

Planets like Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and other outer dwarf planets endow people with intuition when those planets are in certain angles in their birthchart; notably conjunctions (alignments) to such planets as Mercury, or the Moon.

This might sound complex, or maybe unbelievable, fictional, but it’s completely provable. Proving or disproving astrology is a very long process, but I can guarantee you that it pertains to astrology- certain individuals are endowed with intuition, and every person with intuitive angles is endowed with this power.

So when these people endowed with intuition try to meditate, they end up seeing things others don’t. Eventually in their longer meditations, they break through from the simple imagination to seeing visions of things they would have no way of knowing, without intuition.

Some astrologically intuitive people meditate, and end up seeing vivid images in their minds that pertain to the future. Sometimes these intuitive people can meditate, and pick up on another person’s thoughts in the vicinity- piercing into the mind and energy of the person near them.

Lovers can meditate and feel eachother from a distance. The ‘heart’ is a symbol of love because lovers feel physical magnetism in the heart, what we call the ‘heart chakra’, and can feel energetically connected from a distance. So when lovers meditate, with practice they can literally read each other’s minds from a distance.

Some people meditate for hours, and see visions of the future that come true. Though in any alleged foretelling of the future, logic and proper discernment and reasoning is necessary to verify it. There are plenty of people who have convinced themselves they are intuitive when they are not so intuitive.

I believe logic is completely compatible with intuition, psychic abilities, and these other demonstrably real phenomena; putting psychic phenomena to a logical test never fails.

2) Having experience with deceptive people

Do you see any value in having a negative experience with a person, a liar, or a deceiver? You probably don’t; but I’m here to tell you there is value in negative social experience.

Have you ever intuitively known someone was shady or not trustworthy, when that person made no physical indication that they were shady? This is a perfect example of intuition.

As a person grows older, their intuition on the trustworthiness of people is refined with experience.

People that grow up in dangerous or crime filled areas often have highly advanced intuition when it comes to analyzing a person’s character; all the negative experience ends up being positive in the long run.

This kind of intuition is the cure for naiveté; if a person lacks negative social experience, they will be inevitably naïve.

The point is; go out and gather life experience. Go out and do things, accomplish things, and meet people. This is a simple yet extremely effective way to expand your intuition.

3) Pay attention to “little thoughts” and thoughts that quickly come into your mind

Do you ever have a random, very quick thought enter your mind, and minutes later an event happens that directly corresponds to the thought? For instance, you could think of a person you know. Minutes later, they send you or a text and you haven’t talked to them for months.

This phenomena of “knowing something before it happens” is prevalent among people who have Pluto aspects in their astrological birth chart.

When you take serious note of these occurrences, and start trying to logically discern intuition from ordinary thoughts, a person is able to refine their intuition and eventually direct it into a positive channel.

Through months or years of practice discerning intuition from thoughts, a person is able to immediately recognize when the universe is telling them something important, and when it’s just a product of the mechanical mind.


Another important thing to note, are synchronicities.  Number synchronicities, for example, are interpreted by many as a confirmation from the universe that their intuition is on point.

Some people see numbers on a daily basis, number synchronicities that seem to be some kind of sign from the universe. This is for the skeptics; probability and logical reasoning can even discern coincidence from synchronicity.

For a few weeks, after I started seeing 11:11 on the clock twice a day, I decided to test myself; I wrote a tally mark on a piece of paper every time I looked at the clock, and I wrote a mark every time I saw a number like 11:11 or 2:22 or 3:33, as opposed to an ordinary number.

Just as I thought, I was seeing 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, in much greater frequency than ordinary numbers- I was seeing :33 on the clock every single hour, and I disproportionately saw ‘sacred numbers’ as opposed to normal numbers when I checked the time.

Still, it’s difficult to logically take apart psychic phenomena because of the placebo effect and other psychological forces.  In conclusion; careful discernment of regular thoughts from intuition, mediation, and much life experience; this is how you fully utilize your intuition.

Meditation is no doubt the most important thing in this article. You may feel too restless to sit in one place for an hour, but just try it; try meditating and sinking back into the depths of your mind, until you start to see things in your imagination, your closed eye vision. Eventually, you will tap into an intuitive place that is far beyond your imagination.

About the author: Cassius Methyl is a professional Astrologer .He is also a journalist, a writer, a musician, and an Aquarius thinker.