Welcome to Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind!  This website intends to bring you the best combination of conscious science and peace-inspiring messages. Here, you will discover the bridge between science and intuition, and will be provided with the wisdom and knowledge you need to optimize your development as a soul.  My name is Darius Copac, and I am the article writer for this website, as well as the founder of the Facebook page “Quantum World Awaken Your Mind” which you can check out here.

Quantum World Awaken Your Mind started out as a strictly information based enterprise, acting as an outlet for parapsychology and alternative science that normally gets suppressed or discarded.  Upon realizing in my own journey that information without transformation is meaningless, I decided to shift my focus to conscious living, spiritual wellness, and self-help.  The balance between science (conceptual knowing) and spirituality (personal knowing) is something I hope these articles can provide you.

The truth is, we are mind, body and spirit.  If we want to live the most fulfilling and happy life we can, we can’t neglect one ingredient of this trifecta.  The articles that will be shared on this website will be designed to refine and expand the mind, heal the body, and purify the spirit.

I hope you enjoy both sides of the coin here, and thank you for trying your best to become the most conscious, loving, and evolved person you can.

Love and Light,


Some of the work you see on the website was created by Andrew (Android) Jones.

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