5 Reasons Why You Have Hit a Plateau in Spiritual Growth

The thing about spirituality is that you never stop growing and learning as a person, there is much to learn, accept, and to inner acknowledge that it’s impossible to have an end to it.   Yet so many people are hitting a plateau in spiritual growth, and there can be thousands… Continue reading

Motivational and Inspirational Life Lessons

Lesson #1   “My actions are my only true belonging. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.”   It is your behavior and actions in this life that are serving as the foundation of our lives in the present moment.   Every action… Continue reading

Body and Soul Nourishment – Steps to Do

Getting straight into the Body and Soul Nourishment steps   Here are 7 Simple Steps:   1. If you are falling short on your physical well-being, get busy tending to your body.   The physical vessel you have chosen for this lifetime is the only one you’ve got. To ignore your health is… Continue reading

Throat Chakra Healing

Throat Chakra is known for the seed of self-expression, of being yourself, of being natural. But sometimes it needs healing.  It sits on the throat, neck, and shoulder area, and it’s the fifth chakra going up.  If you’ve been the kind of person who speaks his truth, speaks his mind,… Continue reading

5 Things to do at Night for a better Morning

Everything we are going to discuss in this article will mainly revolve around the concept of “Decision Fatigue” Roy F. Baumeister gave this term.  He says that “Decision Fatigue is the decline in the quality of decisions that are made by a person after many decisions have been made in… Continue reading

CONSCIOUSNESS: My Reality Part.1

This is part of my life story; I will go into as many details as possible but most importantly I want to talk about more of my own realization of consciousness and what I actually think and relate to. What you are about to read next is part of me,… Continue reading

Methods to Help You Improve Your Intuition and Make Better Decisions As a Result

Have you ever had that gutsy feeling that something would turn out to be the best or worst thing ever? If so, your intuition is speaking to you louder than ever, and you need to learn how to listen to it more. Oftentimes, we find ourselves trapped in other people’s… Continue reading

Zenarchism: Philosophy of Quantum Chaos

Five Parts: 1. Life. The Absurdity of Existence. 2. Negotiation. We Don’t Negotiate With Nihilism, We Reason With It. 3. Evidence for God. The Paradox that is Nihilism. 4. Knowledge. Consciousness is Nature’s Nightmare. 5. Ethics. Code of Ethics and Honor. Disclaimer: I am a proud know-nothing-at-all who would tell… Continue reading

Here Is A Timeline Of What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking

Originally seen on SimpleOrganicLife| If you’re smoking a cigarette right now, I have good news for you: if you don’t ever pick one up again, your body will go through amazing transformations within minutes of finishing your last one. We all know the negative health effects of smoking cigarettes, but what… Continue reading

What Vegetarians And Vegans Need To Know About Protein

Vegetarian and vegan diets are the most ethical diets possible.  They are also the most environmentally friendly choices a human could possibly make.  But there is a lot of misinformation and ignorance surrounding vegan and vegetarian diets, especially when it comes to protein consumption. For vegetarians, and vegans especially, there… Continue reading

TED Talk: Sam Berns Gives His Philosophy On A Happy Life Days Before Passing Away

Sam Berns was a boy who suffered from progeria and spent his life spreading awareness about the disease.  In this video, he gives his philosophy on what it means to live a happy life at a TED talk just weeks before passing away.  His story is both touching and inspirational: Share and… Continue reading

Human Embryos Genetically Modified For The First Time

By Jesse Herman| Every few months, a new article pops up talking about genetically modified babies.  The concept of artificially altering an embryo so that it can have certain traits is one which is highly controversial.  Rapid progress in genetics is making “designer babies” more likely and society needs to be… Continue reading

Scientific Study Shows Gratitude Treats Heart Failure

By Amateo Ra| A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association puts those suffering with asymptomatic heart failure from heart attacks to a spiritual test. What would happen if people with heart problems starting practicing gratitude?  The results were astonishing… The study was conducted with 186 people, all of whom had… Continue reading

The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Juice – Prevention Starts HERE!

Prevention starts HERE! This green juice is the most alkalizing juice around, and cancer can literally not exist is an alkalized environment.  If your body is in an acidic state, you can be sure this juice will bring the body back into a state of balance.  It’s filled with minerals,… Continue reading

Why You Need To Stop What You’re Doing And Give/Get A Hug Now!

Hugging is one of the most comforting things you can experience.  Hugs can give you an emotional boost and a feeling spiritual rejuvenation.  They improve relationships, encourage us to be more present, and snap us out of circular thinking habits.  But aside from the obvious emotional benefits of hugging, there… Continue reading