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According to the science of psychology, in the Western Society known as the United States of America, Homosexuality was medically diagnosed as an mental illness until 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association. Before this time, Homosexuality was considered in the same psychopathology of sex and crime in the Medicine and Law institutions of American society. Further studies have concluded that were propelled by the science of sex and gender or what is better known as sexology, sexology being a social science fathered by Alfred Kinsey. That according to the social science of Sexology that there is a degree or a scaled which is numbered by varying degrees of sexuality within all humanity, that within all humans there exists a certain percentile of attraction to other members of the human race, whether they are opposite, same, or both. The measurement is the attraction to traits within certain genders. More studies on genetics have decidedly found that being homosexual may be a genetic and environmental condition in the same aspect of argument known as Nature Versus Nurture, in which the official answer to that argument is that who a human becomes psychologically is a amalgamation of both. That homosexuality is not an illness as the old views of the Medicine institution would say, it is not factually an abomination as the institution of the Religion would state, it is not a crime as the institution of the Law. which the institution of the Law would in past times enforce judicial force upon such acts with their power of authority. In contemporary Western Societies, homosexuality is stated by societal and social institutions of society to be acceptable. However, there is still those who would discriminate or be prejudice, even those with power and authority in social and societal institutions.

Although homosexuality was once a mental illness and to be a mentally ill individual is considered to be a deviant in sociological social sciences where there is a hard science such as biology and chemistry that can tell you that things like homosexuality that mood disorders and thought disorders are a naturally occurring phenomenon that are brought about by genetics and environmental factors in this reiterated statement about the argument within psychology that is known as Nature Versus Nurture, psychology has proven that it is an amalgamation of both as deciding factors, that genetics and environmental conditions form an individual’s psyche. This answer of genetics and environmental conditions is what is applicable to the formation of a human beings psychology. Individuals who may suffer from a mental illness is much likened to its removal as such as the social-label found in homosexuality is not something people on their own suffer from alone but with the societal and social label as a deviation from the social-norm in the consciousness of American society in social and societal conditions, that from the bias brought about having a mental illness may have them labeled as a disorder, a syndrome, an illness, or social-plague before they see themselves as a human being from the social-mirror effect. In an objective light the members of the community known as the mentally ill minority may experience life as suffering, to survive this suffering would be to find some meaning in the suffering, or they may not suffer from insanity, they may enjoy every minute of it. I will be offering objective observations of individuals with mental illness as a minority in the human population and how the institutions of society has treated them as a subjugated minority which suffers prejudice and discrimination for something that affects their mind, the organ which controls their being and its behavior. That the mentally ill within society suffer from more than their illness in social and societal institutions of society. Within this thesis, I will be covering of how the mentally ill are a minority and how they function in American society.

The difference between a patient and a sufferer of a mental illness is whether or not their illness is being treated. The patient is one who receives their medical needs and can function at their optimal capacity in society whereas the sufferer may or may not have their essential medical needs met and cannot function properly in society. The reality is this, that individuals with mood and thought disorders are exponentially at a greater risk to be the victim of a violent crime than to commit one. The general consensus of an individual’s lack of understanding of what certain mental illnesses are can be attributed this propagated image of what a mentally ill individual is by the prejudice and discriminatory portrayed by the Institution of Entertainment Media displaying their personification of a person with a mental illness in fictional mediums that of the mentally ill to socially-condition individuals who when buying into this mass-produced falsehood that individuals with mood disorders are violent and bitter individuals where all individuals with thought/psychotic disorders are deranged killers. The common mistake society has made socially is using the term, psychotic to describe someone who is displaying behavior that is psychopathic. An accurate depiction of psychotic behavior in the Institution of Entertainment Media is Alice in Wonderland, where any Institution of Entertainment Media featuring a ruthless, remorseless, predatory, manipulative, narcissistic monstrous villains who are by their correct terms of true dark triadic human behavior as Machiavellian, Narcissistic, and Psychopathic. Taking a hallucinogen such as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) induces a psychic state of benevolent psychosis or for a duration makes one, psychotic. Killing animals, urinating the bed frequently, and a fascination and starting of fires are signs of a serial killer who is psychopathic, not psychotic.

The social-mirror effect makes them see a monster which individuals with mood and thought disorders are at a rule, eccentric at worst in a generality. This social-mirror effect which is a root of anxiety disorders which also contributes to others suffering from mental illness is because of the stigmatization and are more sensitive in social and societal situations which a large part of the suffering from the disorder the mentally ill individual suffers from. this stigma is generated by societies Institution of Entertainment Media in works of fiction such as Hollywood movies and televised shows by half-witted talentless screenwriters who favor to choose villains with mental illness which are propaganda against individuals with certain disorders when the disorder and its symptoms being presented in the character are theatrical, exaggerated, which in the dramaturgy of the individual with the disorder and the character in the medium of Institution of Entertainment Media; the vast majority of the audience knows no difference and is apathetic to educate themselves on the disorder so when they do meet one of the minority of the mentally ill despite how high-functioning, upstanding, or just well-adjusted to social and societal conventions, if the mentally ill individual admits to that individual that they are a patient or sufferer of a disorder when the social-conditioning of Institution of Entertainment Media of what the disorder is to the sane person. The sane individual will have a preconceived notion of this mentally ill individual despite the reality of the mentally ill individual also being a member of the human species.

The screenplays which become film with the mentally ill individual as the villain are hate fueled propaganda towards the mentally ill minority, if you do not see this then you obviously have what is known as Able Privilege, more specifically Sane Privilege. To understand what Able or Sane Privilege is is to understand that the majority of able-bodied, sound minded individuals were born without a lifelong illness that destroys their body and mind. That individuals with Able Privilege were fortunate enough to win the genetic lottery. The winning raffle ticket is that individuals with Able Privilege, in this case for those with a disability concerning mental illness it is known as Sane Privilege. Society’s focus on generating the message that everything about oneself must be good or you are unfit socially-conditions individuals to not seek medical help considering the psychological for that is viewed as the socially-conditioned ultimate weakness. The mentally ill deserve their right to the same resources as everyone else that being their medication and treatment as well as the sensibility to not treated as one of the vilified members of the society they belong to. If an individual with a mental illness should address this problem within themselves with another individual who is of the socially-conditioned plebeian with the sane privilege social and societal characteristic. The Sane Privilege individual will label them by their illness according to their socially-conditioned perception of the illness and will no longer see the mentally ill individual as a human being.

The Institution of Entertainment Media the greatest perpetrator of violence against the mentally ill with a lack of focus on actual dramatic cluster personality disorders which are psychopathological disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Antisocial Personality Disorder which are in fact, glamorized in the Institution of Entertainment Media such as: the Christian Grey, the Dexter Morgan, the Alex Delarge. In the past, when human civilization and their societies were not as developed, when various horrendous forms of crimes were committed on horrible monsters and the supernatural. This brought forth the vampire, the werewolf, the witch which all these supernatural character tropes are glamorized in the Institution of Entertainment Media. In this same time of Humanity’s fixation with the supernatural before the existential philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche’s proclamation of, “God is Dead.” Mentally ill individuals such as those with mood and thought disorders were thought of in earlier human civilization to be spiritual leaders where they had a position in contributing greatly to their society due to the mentally ill individual’s gift of a greater intuition, heightened awareness, and sensitivity to things. The link between higher intellect and mental illness is a statistical reality; that many traits of higher intellect share many traits with one who is mentally ill. Much like the Kinsey Scale except in this case of psychological disorders; humans all score have their percentiles when it comes to the range of mental illness and to what degree an individual may show symptoms without it being fully developed as a mental illness.

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The science of psychology had created a social-role for the practitioner of psychiatry and psychology over individuals who had traits that society deemed maladaptive to the conventions of societal and social norms so that these people must be treated and labeled as maladaptive to society, this is another social-label for deviance. In times predating this development of psychology, psychiatry, and the social label of mental illness. The mentally ill were thought of as interesting eccentrics who had profound insights on life and were a marvel of the community which many norms in society found to be delightful eccentrics or deviations from the norm, despite whether they were truly suffering or enjoying every second of their insanity. The mentally ill offered new profound insights to life from radically different approaches and alternative ways of thinking. The majority of mentally ill patients or sufferers are socially labeled as physiological deviates of social-norms that could live without committing crimes or breaking societal laws, while getting their medical needs provided, adhering to social-norms yet still cannot shake the social-label of deviancy from the norm. The moving pictures with audio in the fairly recent setting of contemporary society in the institution did society start vilifying every criminal as mentally ill with a brain disorder instead of a personality disorder. If universal healthcare was instituted for all, and if not all, then the vindictively prejudiced and discriminated against minority known as the mentally ill while members of society who adhere to the general collective of ethos in the American social consciousness brought about by socially-conditioning to believe that mental illnesses are not real or non-existent while still casually using the pejorative of “crazy” to describe irrational behavior. As my statement of the scale of percentiles in which every human being has a certain degree of mental illness, that in all honestly, at times, all members of society all act irrationally or have acted irrationally. As the philosopher of communication, Ludwig Von Wittgenstein stated, “if we did not sometimes do silly things, nothing serious would be ever be accomplished.” Society has socially-conditioned its citizens to believe seeking medical help for mental health concerns as weakness when in reality it is strength. Many horrible experiences in the individual regarding social and societal issues could be treated and or even cured thanks to medication and therapy. The socialization of the institution of Medicine to provide the mentally ill members of society with their necessity of medical needs to function within it would greatly improve American society as a whole, this extending to chronic illness sufferers as well. A healthy society is a well-functioning society.

The United States government in its fiscal spending year of 2015’s tax revenue spent 25% on health care, 24% on social security, 20% on income security, 18% on national defense, 6% net interest, 3% on transportation, 1% on K-12 education, 3% other. If the United States Power Elite allocated more wealth from the corporate subsidies in the income security field as well as more wealth from defense to focus on providing state-funded health care for all people with chronic and mental illnesses, which a large portion of our veterans returning from the defense budgets interests are diagnosed with a wide range of mental and physical maladies within practicality no budget to support the USA’s veterans. the Power Elite could make their society a healthier functioning one for all its citizens.

B. F. Skinner was the father of the school of psychology known as Behaviorism as well as a process of behavioral conditioning known as operant conditioning. B. F. Skinner was a psychologist who’s methodology included that of the philosophy of psychology known as the Humanistic approach. B. F. Skinner came up with schedules of reinforcement to reinforce behaviors approved by his test subjects as the handler in this experiment. Although B. F. Skinner was a noble man and a humanist, he had unknowingly opened doors to a much darker and sinister experiments on the human psyche held questionable to this day and has gone greatly unnoticed. Where B. F. Skinner had his method of Operant Conditioning, a faction of the United States government was coming up with their own methodology of creating operatives who could be triggered by a trigger phrase brought on both brainwashing through mind-altering drugs and scheduled hypnosis sessions who would carry out a purpose trained to them while in a dissociative state that was instilled in them in their practices, that was one of the preliminary goals of MKUltra.

The MKUltra experiments of 1950’s-1970’s onto the masterwork precision of mental manipulation that is displayed today was research performed on unwilling or unknowing human test subjects was the MKUltra experiments of the It is no longer called mind control and is replaced by the nomenclature of psychological warfare or on a mass scale, social-conditioning on a massive scale is known as social engineering. Such as every-time you are watching the news you are conditioned to pay attention to the idealistic lives of celebrities instead of the tragedies happening around the World.

Objectively, people don’t care about things unless it’s within their self-interest for in the Western World. Exmpli Gratia: The United States of America suffers from an Anti-Intellectual and Narcissism Epidemic as many Psychological Experts including the famous intellectual Isaac Asimov characterized as “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”

The psychology behind this is blatantly malignant anti-intellectualism and narcissism results in a Post-Truth Western World where subjective opinions of the mob trump the objective facts of the intellectual elite. In today’s American society, the general populace of the American people have a social-conditioning unlike that of the rest of the Western World. The American people tend to be a more apathetic and narcissistic social-creature who accepts anti-intellectualism over logic and reason. What a better people for the Power Elite to govern, I ponder if there was a connection between the current consciousness of the American populace when a renaissance was happening across it in the 1960’s to be thwarted in the 1970’s through possible psychological warfare propagated by television to cause a sense of bread and circus in one’s own living room with propaganda as a dual package to cause a mass manipulation technique which Power Elite utilized on all platforms of the Institution of Entertainment Media and social transference to ensure the evolution of the American consciousness through careful steps to socially-condition the American citizen via mass hypnosis of social engineering through meticulously crafted stratagems implanted in the media.

This causes our dissonance in relations to other countries and nations for the natural-born American has a very distinct style and flavor. Colorful in the shades they are conditioned to believe and thinking critically in black and white draped in red, white, and blue all over. Behaviorism is a Humanistic school of thought and although Operant Conditioning may have started to reinforce or punish test subjects both negatively and positively effectively, it has been perverted into a form of systematic control of an entire society from cradle to grave to be kept asleep from the false-reality they are fed on a daily basis. Certain impressionable individuals are influenced by what they see in propagated by the institution of the Institution of Entertainment Media, people imitate and emulate what they see on television. Exempli gratia, the Aurora, Colorado Cinema Spree-Killer James Holmes, through being impressionable to the Institution of Entertainment Media of the villain of the Joker portrayed by Heath Ledger of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” James Holmes believed himself to be the Joker so he took on that persona of what he perceived in himself to be. Through James Holmes own mental frailty did he do what he did. Violent video games serve as a medium for not always soothing the flames of the mentally unhinged but also feeding the fires which burn them. There is not one single factor into why catastrophes but a plethora of factors that form a collective of aspects that are wide-ranging and diverse. One of these factors is that the United States of America is a nation that had made the process to obtain firearms easily accessible, current changes in laws and law enforcement are still pending the results of social and societal data for 2016 CE. The American citizen is force-fed sex and violence, as well as sexual violence through television, movies, and video games. The United States of America institution of the Institution of Entertainment Media has made many works of fiction regarding films, television programs, and video games in which the protagonist resolves all their conflicts with others and problems in life, by shooting things, beating up bad guys, and gratuitous explosions. People are conditioned to be this way as if it were the ‘American way.’ What if a more powerful group such as the global Power Elite were to deem the ‘American way,’ this social and societal consciousness as a mental illness of group psychosis and were to treat the citizens of this society as patients or sufferers who needed to be treated for this illness by any means of force necessary? According to contemporary psychology in observing the general consensus of the American consciousness we see a pandemic of Narcissism and Anti-Intellectualism. Nothing could make that argument more sound and valid than the front runner of the Republican Party’s 2016 CE’s election for the occupation of President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

Despite the American way along with most religions considered acceptable myths and fables to be accepted as truths and for people to infiltrate the institution of the Power Elite of our Puppet Democracy which is orchestrated by the Blueblood Dynasties which comprise the Capitalist Oligarchy. That some things society deems an illness when it is a naturally occurring phenomenon in an individual. To charge these wonders of evolution money to assimilate to a society that has already deemed them subhuman is preposterous. If an individual wishes to apart of and contribute to society they should get their medication from the state no questions asked for if you live in a society you apart of that society and in some way contributing to it. An individual with mental illness has a permanent tax on their existence for an evolutionary mutation they are disparaged for as a disorder or illness in the eyes of society which they have no control over whether they have it or not. Individuals within the mental illness are forced to pay this taxation of their own existence as an individual in a prejudice and discriminatory society with outrageous costs from the institution of Medicine to alleviate their suffering so they may live an ordinary life with the same opportunities, pursuits of interests, and to build relationships at the costs of medical practitioners, various therapies, and the medication required in paying this price so they may do so. Providing this silent and invisible minority that is subjugated to the will of the social and societal conditions of a world they have been thrusted into without the proper treatment or medication that they may function in society.

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