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Being human is not always easy.  We have to pretend we are interested in things we are not for the sake of social convention.  There is a socially acceptable way to eat, speak, and behave.  And heaven forbid we should ever dress inappropriately.  That could literally end you up in prison.  From the minute we are born, we are piled on with conditionings imposed upon us from our society that shape our behaviour and our mentality.

We live in a strange world where being authentically you is not only discouraged, it’s deliberately suppressed.  But beneath the obvious conditionings and conventions that we live by, there are some more deep-seeded “rules” that we must abide by.

These are rules that you learned prior to even being born, and are implicit in your human experience while you’re here.  These are essential not only to creating an enjoyable life for yourself, but also for the evolution of your soul.  Here are 5 rules you agree to when you sign the contract to become a human.

1) You Get A Body

You get your very own flesh vehicle to drive around in for a bit.  You may not like, but it’s an essential part of you being able to experience duality and human emotions.  The body has its own biological urges which MAY interfere with your best interests, so learning to become a master of your own biology will be essential if you wish to live a happy life.

The human body is an amazingly complex and delicate organism, so you have to treat it with care.  You can’t switch bodies, but you CAN improve them.  Exercise and diet will dramatically improve your sense of comfort being inside your skin.  But don’t get too comfortable in it.  It’s not who you are.  When it dies, you move on.

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2) Everyone You Meet Is A Mirror

Everyone you meet reflects a part of yourself back to you.  For example, you may have suppressed anger inside you and will have this brought out by someone you are in a relationship with.  Their words and behaviour are mirrors of what you are projecting energetically.  What you see in them is almost ALWAYS a reflection of a part of yourself that suffers in that same area.

If you want a different result from people around you, you can’t always expect them to change for you. Sometimes, all you can do is take responsibility for your own energetic state and be as centered and conscious as you can be.  But there’s a catch. You will notice that as you start working on yourself, that the people in your life stop responding to you the same way they used to.  You have created a new energetic relationship with them, and the ones that used to give you a hard time no longer do because they are no longer mirroring your shadow qualities back at you.

Whether for good or for bad, the people closest to you will always mirror back to you what you need to work on.  Your job is to listen, observe, and be honest with yourself.

3) You Have To Operate By Physical Laws

You can’t just do whatever your wish.  You have to abide by a set of very specific and restrictive physical laws.  Just like signing up to a rent an apartment or applying for school, you have to sign a contract outlining that you consent to the restrictions that will be put on you during your stay here.

The laws of conservation, of thermodynamics, and the laws of gravity will prevent you from having the same freedom as Superman or the Hulk.  Your body is a physical organism that exists with the space-time universe, and the space-time universe has laws built into it so that you can experience what it’s like to be a human.

The laws of nature keep atoms from flying off in random directions and planets from crashing into eachother.  Without these laws, you wouldn’t be able to read this right now from your own unique point of view.  So don’t hate nature for not allowing you to fly to the moon or swim to the bottom of the ocean floor.  They are part of what give you the richness of your experience.

4) Lessons Will Be Repeated Until Learned

You may notice themes in your life that continue to appear over and over again.  You may begin to recognize that the same characters keep emerging in your life fulfilling the exact same archetypal roles that permeate your past.

This is the universe’s way of trying to get your attention.  A circumstance will keep appearing again and again in your life, and will continue to as long as it stimulates your evolution.  If you want to break the cycle, all you have to do is pay attention and listen to the lesson it is trying to show you.  Maybe your lesson is one of compassion, self-love, strength, or forgiveness.  Whatever it may be, the universe will repeatedly send you that experience to stimulate the evolution of your consciousness.

UNTIL you learn the lesson, that is.  Once you learn the lesson, the experience no longer contributes to your evolution.  And if the experience no longer contributes to your evolution, it no longer needs to happen.  A perfect example of this is people who leave abusive relationships after being in them countless times before, develop a very strong sense of confidence and self-love, and then never enter into another abusive relationship again after taking time away to discover themselves.

Suffering is the universe’s guidepost.  Follow the signs.  They will always lead you where you need to go.

5) You Will Forget All Of This

You will come into the world forgetting absolutely everything about who you are and where you came from.  You won’t remember that you existed prior to coming into your body, you won’t remember that your interactions are mirrors of your internal states, and you won’t remember that the universe is here to help you evolve.

You chose to forget all of this on purpose so that you could fully experience life, learn lessons, and understanding what its like to live in a world of duality.  It’s kind of like building a roller-coaster, and then choosing the option of forgetting how you built it before you went on it so that you would get all of the thrills and excitements for the first time.

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