Circles Connecting Civilizations- Ancient Equators – Ley Lines4 min read

Lines cover the Earth connecting places of power and energy.

The planet Earth has survived an approximate 4.3 billion years give or take a couple hundred million according to the scientific community. Yet, we are led to believe that we have only started to leave a mark withing the past couple thousand years. More and more evidence shows that our journey as a civilization may have not started a few dozen centuries ago but we may have been around for tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of years.

The strangest part for most to comprehend is that we not have always been growing.

Ancient civilizations all around the Earth we’re connected by straight lines that would cross valleys, mountains and seas. Most of these civilizations are said to have no knowledge of one another according to mainstream archeology, but using a tool as simple as a globe can show otherwise–

To start this seeing the circles connecting civilizations, we need to go over some basics to help you visualize these lines.

What is an Equator?

An Equator is the imaginary circle around an astronomical object that divides a sphere or other surface into two.

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So it’s a line that wraps around a circle. The earth is wrapped in a real circle that we can see at all times and that’s the one separating day from night as shown below.


Now the Earth is a sphere (obviously) but what if we wanted to express this Day/Night line on a flat surface such as a map? The straight ‘equator’ would be warped because you yourself are warping a sphere into a flat plane.

To help us understand this, we have the following picture.

Now that we can see how shifting our ‘Visual’ from a Sphere to a Plane changes a circle to a wave…
Lets take a trip circling around the Earth

To create a circle we need to start somewhere, and there is no more intriguing place in the ancient world than the Pyramids of Giza. A reflection of the micro and macrocosm. This place is a central point to the entire ancient world. The more we learn the more we really see how important it is. The entire structure’s architecture inlays many multitudes of Sacred Geometry within it. The Great Pyramid precisely expresses the 2pi relationship between the circumference and the radius of the Earth. The height of the Great Pyramid is 481.4 feet. The perimeter of the Great Pyramid (the length of all four sides at the base of the pyramid) is 3,023 feet. The height of the Great Pyramid times 2pi (6.28) is 3,023 feet.

From here we can go left or right, but we will circle around the Earth end up back at the pyramids.

So by using the same visuals from before…

worldline1 This equator would become…

This. Now remember, this  curved line above is a straight path represented on a
flat map to compensate for the globes curvature.
So what is this line? Why here? What makes it so special?

This is just one of several circles that connected civilizations of old. The past Earth was one. Divisions were for between numbers, not between people and these ancient cultures were far more intertwined as a planet
So lets take a look at just a few places that land on this line.

All found on the same line encircling Earth.
All found on the same line encircling Earth.

The Great Pyramid 29° 59′ N 31° 09′ E
Machupicchu 13° 06′ S 72° 35′ W
Nazca 14° 25′ S 75° 20′ W
Easter Island 27° 04′ S 109° 22′ W
Angkor Wat 13° 27′ N 103° 53′ E
Mohenjo Daro 27° 15′ N 68° 17′ E
Perseopolis 29° 50′ N 52° 52′ E
Ur 30° 57′ N 46° 07′ E
Petra 30° 09′ N 35° 47′ E

We can find all of these along with other ruins along this circle, here is a videos showing more ancient sites on this line.


Here we can see that not only do these civilizations follow the same line but their distances apart follow the Golden Ratio.


In the following weeks, we will be traversing this line and visiting these cultures and see how they applied their advanced knowledge of geometry in the sites them selves. We will also go into the cultures and their beliefs. When we realize that everything is connected, only then will you truly be on the path to Awakening your Mind to the Quantum World.

by Will Lockwood