What are you really made of? The atomic structure of empty space.5 min read


-~-Who Are You Really?-~-


by Will Lockwood


In this post, we are going to examine what you are made of.

Lets start with the “building blocks” that create you.

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The Atom.

The smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element. Consisting of a nucleus containing combinations of neutrons and protons, and one or more electrons bound to the nucleus by electrical attraction. The atom is made up of 99.9999…% empty space between the orbits of the electrons around the nucleus.

However, looking at the representation above of the atom, we can do some simple math and see it is not true. There is far too much ‘stuff” here.

To understand how much ’emptiness’ that really is—

Lets imagine an apple as our Nucleus, and for our electrons lets imagine a speck of dust flying around this apple. Not too hard to see the vast difference in size between the two, but the distance between them is what is amazing and becomes slightly harder to imagine… Lets take our grapefruit and our particle of dust and put 1 kilometer between them.
To see what 1 Kilometer looks like I’ve included this chart of  building across the world with projected skyscrapers of the future.
Tallest buildings
This picture is merely to show the scale in what we’re working with here.

Now if we put our ‘apple’ (nucleus) on top of the Kingdom Tower and place our ‘specks of dust’ (Electrons) at the bottom we can see how far they actually orbit.

So around your 10-20 cubic inch Apple nucleus with a volume about about there lies in the center of a sphere with a volume of   4,188,790,200 meters cubed or 1.1 trillion US gallons of EMPTY SPACE encircled by a couple specks of dust

1 Gallon

Roughly 500,000 gallons fall over both sides of Niagara Falls each second. One trillion gallons would equal the amount of water that falls in a little over three weeks.

Texas is roughly 270,000 square miles. One trillion square miles would equal 3.7 million Texas size states.

Take a second to absorb what these statistics really mean…
Understand that you are made of empty space.

Below we have a great video with the world renown Brian Cox explaining the atom in further detail!

But what is an atom but 99.9999…% empty space? Why don’t they pass right through each other?… Why do they even stay together? Because it is not material things that hold us together, but the forces! The unseen force of electromagnetism is what governs the universe. The same is what creates a flame on a candle to the electricity on your screen right now. It connects the thoughts in your head and separates the pistons in your car. Photons, a form of electromagnetism reflect off the surfaces and bounce back into our eyes to represent less that .01% of the (light) spectrum.


As you can see from the graph above, electromagnetism comes in many forms. But that also means that you are seeing just a fraction of the universe with your eyes.  They are only one tool of many to see the world. We can also see that light is the same force that is keeping your very being together in the material world is electromagnetism.

Our world is determined electron flow.

But how do they know where to orbit the seemingly endless empty space that is an atom? But what is really holding  an atom together though? How do they know how to shape a material world?

Some believe that it is not the material world that creates consciousness, but that consciousness has created the material world.

Are you aware that most likely not one atom that is in your body right now, were any of the atoms that you were born with?

In fact, chances are that your sharing some of the same atoms that once part of someone traveling the Alps in Europe, or the sand of the middle east. Your atoms could have been in Mozart’s hand when he wrote his symphonies or in Genghis Khan’s when he conquered nations. These same atoms could have been part of a Tyrannosaurs Rex  millions of years ago but one thing for certain is that those atoms were once part an exploding star that thrust its components across the cosmos to create the molten rock deep inside the Earth that burst its way to the surface. Exploring this planet, the minute parts have found other atomic partners to create a beautiful quantum dance, twirling and tumbling together taking a short break in their journey to be part of your body for a brief moment in your life.
So who are you really if nothing your made of is your own? A collection of thoughts? That flows through the static electricity in your brain? The electrons that keep your atoms together? So we are made up of pieces that aren’t our own and aren’t really pieces at all but a carrier of a force. So doesn’t that make us being made up solely of unseen forces? Doesn’t that mean that maybe a material world isn’t so material?

Does this not mean that the substance that creates our every thought is the same substance that creates the ground we think on?

So is this electron flow that runs the universe… conscious?

These are all questions to think about to truly understand our universe.
Lets take a look at this amazing video explaining an experiment that has puzzled scientists such as Einstein for decades.

Vibrations passing through your brain in beautiful patterns in the smallest of scales dancing to the tune’s it hears from this world of emptiness that is you.
Unseen forces is what you are.
You are not a solid body, you are your infinite thoughts.
~Solidity is an illusion.
~Singularity is truth.
~Be aware, matter doesn’t really matter.
~Know Your Power.