Lamentation of Death2 min read

I vomit red and it tastes like steel

I do this almost after every meal

The taste of red is the taste of death

My meals consist of a beverage that numbs all that I feel

I stare into the abyss that is the drain which my life flows

Where the disease I exude heads, I do not know

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Through the pipes and networks of urban decay

I feel a consistent swelling in the left side of my brain

Out of all that I endure, the tumor grows

The only guaranteed thing in life is death, this isn’t how I thought I would go.

Faithfully dead, For-Never yours.

My liver is failing, my brain is swelling,

I fall onto the floor.

These dreams I’ve been selling, This hope I’ve been giving, Will never be anything real than the desperation of clawing my way out of a buried grave, a fate become sealed.

Haunted by memories of my past, wondering if I’ll be the first to go instead of the last.

Caught in a sick game where everything is a joke.

I flew too high, I stole fire from the gods, I tried to get away but they were too fast.

Now I am forever the subject to this prison, I try to speak but all I do is utter the tremblings of fear aghast.

It’s my turn again to play the game, I don’t know what’s the point?

Locked inside this maniacs dungeon, a space out of time is the place of this joint.

Am I winning, losing, or is this all for show, these questions I do not know.

I think it’s insane when my consciousness lives in my brain.

Remind me, in these sick sadistic games, what’s the score?

As far as hell goes I’m already there, whatever else you can do to me, I don’t even care.

The hallucination has become vivid, my mood is becoming livid

My thoughts are distorted, my psyche is contorted

Was it all in my head or was it just a dream

I wake up to find her laying next to me

Buried years ago yet crawled into my bed from the grave

Her gaze is lifeless, she is locked into my eyes

The horrid memories of my past flood my mind

As her eyes grow closer to mine

She is all that I see within my sight

She tells me that, “Hell is a place that will warm these old bones, Hell is a place that will warm your cold soul, Hell is a place made for you and me, As for heaven, it is merely a mental malady, a complete fantasy, that our paradise is right here between us two, for we are each other’s destiny, even in death that prophecy has come true.”

Faithfully dead, For-Never yours.

My life is ending, there is no more pretending

I will soon be no more.

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