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Utopia United: Geopolitical Social Engineering Firm

How Social Engineering Social-Media Will Save The World

Americans are MKUltra’d to be sexual and violent and sexually violent thanks to the American altar of religious worship with celebrity being its idol. The television, computer, and smart phones are the altar of mind control. We at Utopia United wish to enlighten you for if everything is post-truth then publishing facts on objective reality is pure power.

Truth Always Prevails

Social-media changes our world on a daily basis, for reasons not entirely good or evil but out of necessity of the progress of our social-evolution via the power of social-information that forces a social-revolution. My experiential work on social-media in the larger social-network of our world that when placed in the hands of Social Engineers who create an all-inclusive unifying set and series of meta-relativistic-utilitarian ideologies codified together in unity after certain event horizons or what the preferred nomenclature is Fully-Alive Lifelines over deadlines. These aforementioned masterpieces of the social-evolution of ideas are comprised into Future-History Ideologies of Social-Revolution that have been meticulously predetermined from the minds who are the Power Elite Players in Gaming the System in an elite organization of Social Engineers acting independently and unaware of specifically who their fellow operators and technicians are.

Tyrannical authoritarian governments have had to rule their people due to bad dogma and orthodoxy without the necessary provisions of revisions in dogma or easily accept the necessity of change to amalgamate tradition and progress as our social-evolution has been based on a tradition of progress into the future. If humanity shall not accept change, it shall not survive, if humanity shall not accept revision to dogma, it will not have a vision of the future. United we stand stronger together, divided we fall in apartheid. The three most evil actions of the dichotomous us-versus-them mentality in the group social dynamic can allow at its utmost worst which inevitably will become reality under tyrannical authoritarianism allow the the group majority to dehumanize the group minority by in their greatest extent of these Three Evils of genocide, slavery, and apartheid. only together as a collective can we ascertain the dawning of a eternal age of enlightenment in our society which shall shine the light upon our destiny as a universal interstellar civilization as we enter the future of an advanced space-age.

I am an underground celebrity citizen being well-known among my social-network of elite businesses, globalist political special interest groups, and globalist interfaith religious leaders. I am a practical theorist as a futurologist and social theorist of social engineering, (political science). This all began with my 35–50 social-media pages on Facebook to and social-networks that I personally held social-control over as the administrative director for the unification of a Globalist society that would become interstellar for We as Social-Animals are together forever in the Oneness of Humanity for We are 99.9% more the same than We are different with the exception of social-norms, social-personality, and who We are on the social-hierarchy of the social-animal of Humanity.

The future of shaping our world through digital mass marketing of ideas resides in Social Engineers of Social Media who are united in bringing about the New Age Globalist Pluralist Paradise Society. The Social Engineers create, maintain, and destroy ideologies. The one’s that are destroyed are reincarnated in a hard reset to be liberated and given back to new opinion leaders as change is presented and those who adapt to change are the New Opinion Leaders in Social Evolution. The Social Engineers create, dictate, and mandate Future-History Ideologies into reality as applied Social-Sciences to bring about the grand Social-Revolution. Social Engineers assimilate, amalgamate, innovate, and ritualistically rebel for their apotheosis is subvert the current paradigm to bring us to the New Age Globalist Society via Social Revolution as demanded by Social Evolution. Social Engineers create orthodoxy and doctrine but allow the Globalist Society as a whole to understand the unfathomable as a valid and sound truth by coming to their experiential existential revelation on Liberating the Self and Enlightenment of our Globalist Society through the Social Engineers use of the Socratic Methodology. Liberation of the Individual Self, Enlightenment of our Globalist Society. Social Engineers for the Globalist Society create social-movements, ascertain wisdom as bliss then propagate ideological weapons to liberate the minds of the masses via meticulously designing ubiquitous mass media pertaining to music, art, philosophy, literature, film, television, and journalistic articles via documented evidence coupled with abstract thought to create social-information that promotes social-progression then subverting the paradigm to assert a greater culture for a through social-media which flood the channels of cyber-space on Globalist social-networks as the golden dawn of the New Age Globalist Society where all neighborly love and destroying the unbelievers through education of greater doses of liberating the self and enlightening the world. In the New Age Globalist Society.

369 Manifestation Code

Peace is Pluralism, Liberty is Life, Unity is Strength, Knowledge is Power, Wisdom is Bliss.

The whole world will know of our peaceful ways by coming to this realization themselves as a drastic social revolution occurs to the point of a Social Engineer who is aligned to the New Age Globalist Pluralist Paradise Society as one who is the most loyal to the New World Order. Currently, the Utopian Social Engineers are opportunistically advantageous in the pluralistic exchange of the monopolization of our Authority over social-information and social-media via social-networks due to the failure of the Mainstream Media such as all Establishment Elitist media organizations in all major journalistic entities that are simply Corporate News Network. None of the Mainstream Media will ever recover as they bleed themselves out to death of Live TV due to overtly Sensationalist Propaganda that is blatantly an amateur conducted 24 hour, 7 days a week Psyop that has gone horribly wrong as the MSM is now performing psychological warfare via mass media on the US and West. We who are the Utopian Social Engineers are Elitists using the tools of Populists, We are smirking in the shadows as the Establishment Elitists lose their Means of Social Control for the Pluralist exchange of power has fallen from their hands into our own as the Establishment Elites now know the metaphorical trends that justify the memes in Sic Semper Tyrannis. The Corporate News Network and Media Mogul Corporate Cartels will watch the end of their superficial lives as their ratings plummet, stocks fall, their platform collapses, and they become untouchable in their unemployment. “This is the MSM with this breaking News Story! The end of all things will be broadcasted live.”

Disclosure from Investigative Research

First the MSM Manufactured the Platform that allowed 45th President Donald J. Trump of the United States. Now, the MSM are utilizing Psychological Warfare on a Geopolitical Operational level to terrorize America, the Western World, and all Citizens of Earth in their blatant use of endless repetition of mass media broadcasts of fear mongering to cause mass-hysteria among the Citizens of the World. This is Psychological Warfare in the most malevolent of methodologies to inflict the Citizens of the World into a fit of Group-Psychosis and Mass-Hypnosis. The target the collective and individuals on the Left and Right in political identity, the MSM propagates psychological warfare indiscriminately for the sake of gaining an audience for they are no longer a source of Journalistic Reporting but Indoctrination on a global scale.

The Investigative Journalistic methods were the Scientific Method of Observation and Hard Evidence
Evidence: Nerdwriter1, “How Donald Trump is a Gift to Our Democracy,” (9/2015).

Findings: President Donald Trump received $5 billion of free media coverage and exposure from the MSM in the 2016 Election resulting in exposure in what was supposed to be Mr. President Trump’s vilification turned into vindication. Controversy sells and we are all consumers. The MSM has come to its end as a journalistic organization and as a economic venture due to their sensationalist propaganda of 2016–2017 that has created this social-climate in the Western World that We are on the verge of systemic collapse or as Hunter S. Thompson warned us of in his novels, “Kingdom of Fear” and “Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness.” This documentation of the MSM is evident for negligence in our Democratic System for Electing our Representatives, the MSM continues its Campaign of Terror after the 2016 Election as mass media converging on Sensationalist Propaganda that is Psychological Warfare. Nerdwriter1, a reputable content creator innocuously made a video thesis titled, “Why Donald Trump is a Gift to Democracy” (9/2015). Nerdwriter1 candidly speaks on how the news coverage of the United States Political Election of 2016 in what has been revealed as the MSM manufacturing the rise of United States 45th President Donald J. Trump on all levels of corporate news that it is absolutely deplorable. United States 45th President Donald J. Trump, was given explicit free coverage that won him the nomination and election, all for the sake of the MSM to garner ratings for the numbers do not lie. 85% of all news coverage was on the United States President Trump, who would have been a political-pundit. The MSM or the “4th Branch of Government”manufactured United States 45th President Trump for the sake of Capitalism whereas Senator Bernie Sanders was innumerably smeared on a daily basis by the MSM and all Democratic Socialists know this for I became famous as the Chief Executive Officer of one of my private business enclaves of my Geopolitical Utopian Social Engineering Firm known as Utopia United to form and create positive opinions among the populace and inform the citizenry of the facts and truth of a Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders winning the 2016 Election if he didn’t have the Democratic Party Nomination stolen from him. 56/44 Bernie-Trump. Senator Bernie Sanders would have won over President Donald J. Trump. The Democratic Socialists have spoken, We are the new established party as the applied social cannibalism theory is played out on the American Leftist and Progressive Movement until American Political Movements appear as the UK Labour and French Socialist Party has played out in our geopolitical game. We at Utopia United are all believers in a Mutualistic Meritocracy and our group mantra is that none of this is about me but all of us. We cooperate in destroying our competition.

The issue of post-truth, post-facts, and alternative facts has once again played in the favor of the Democratic Socialists and Utopia United as the Pluralistic Political Elite Model that governs the Republic of the United States of America. Democratic Socialists and the Utopia United is in a infinitely expanding Oasis of Paradise in a dissipating Desert of Falsehoods and Sensationalism found in the MSM. The Mainstream Media has lost all shred of credibility and the Editor-in-Chief of every MSM Plutocratic Propaganda Publication has given into their own incorrigible foolishness that will lead to their folly. Exempli Gratia: In the comedic sitcom 30 Rock, that aired for 7 seasons. Alec Baldwin plays Jack Donaghy who is the decisive, controlling, suave, and occasionally senseless network executive who constantly interferes with the goings-on at TGS. Alec Baldwin’s character of Jack Donaghy is an extremely meta comedic reference to those who control the means of executive producing in the Convergence of Mass Media on all forms of Journalistic Topics of News to even the Entertainment Industry. What has been done in the dark will now be brought to light, the Pindar Power Elite will allow the MSM with or without notifying the Media Moguls of their eventual failure as the MSM continues its self-destructive path in manufacturing their own social-suicide and character assassination. The statement “Not every truth is the better for showing its face undisguised; and often silence is the wisest thing for a man to heed” rings true. The Mainstream Media will fall into finishing their last story on a Chapter 11.

The End of Postmodernism

Utopia United is a public Utopian Social Engineering Firm who is undertaking the projects and operations that have all of humanity’s most noble interest out of necessity. Utopia United is now operating on a globalist level. In the cubicles and in the field for Utopian Social Engineering our prime directive between black and white in varying shades of grey as our methodology as We rationalize our eccentric esprit for evidence-based and abstract thought methodology in seizing the means of an unspoken Authority by introducing the Zeitgeist of Zen to create a Pluralistic Globalist Society. The Zeitgeist of Zen is a Pluralistic Globalist Society founded on Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Social-Justice shall become law from our social-information through social-media on a globalist scale on all platforms and in the field as revisionists, reconstructionists, and reformers of all ideologies and dogmatic beliefs in order for our Collective Social-Revolution for this is a force of nature that will become so for it is out of necessity for our social-evolution. win the hearts and mind of the whole world to empower every individual in a humanistic egalitarian universal collective that through each individual presented the social-information will begin their quest to liberate the self and enlighten society on a world spanning social-network to become a universal collective in a world of a United Earth with a message of love which conquers all will capitulate the captivating social-information on social-media to allow each person to become radically free and ethically balanced. In order to establish a universal union among humanity by accepting the change of the subverted paradigm for a changing of the collective values of society that create our culture of our society of a United Earth. This is the necessity for the greatest order of all the people to finally come to know peace. This is necessary for a United Earth in that each individual in this all-encompassing collective to become the Social-Revolutionary that will by a tradition of progress in our adaptability to change, will by volition changes the social-paradigm for a new and greater social-order in the social-network of society to create the rapid progression to ascension of our noblest stage that finds substance and meaning in abundance in a once postmodern nihilistic culture that has been overcome through the arts, philosophy, humanities, physical science. This will be done through the methodology of the practical application of social-sciences. There is chaos in order and order in chaos as is the modus operandi of social engineers who will propagate social-information for the use of the aforementioned practical application of social-sciences to guide our species as a collective of social-revolutionaries in liberating the self and enlightening society.
Exempli Gratia: The United States Democratic Party went from being Neoliberal Oligarch with Political Puppet Representatives to becoming the Social Democratic or Democratic Socialist Party. The conflict is seemingly everlasting.
Everything happens eventually.

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