The Pineal Gland: Our Connection to the Cosmos4 min read

Although living in the third dimension limits our ability to a certain extent, each one of us is equipped with an infinitely powerful cosmic antenna in the center of our brain. This is called the Pineal gland or “third eye” and it allows us to directly connect to the spirits in the sky. It has the ability to sense light in complete darkness, manifest full color images, and speak to you through emotion or feelings. Infinite wisdom and knowledge is locked inside every human being, but to really experience our third eye’s true potential we must begin to develop and repair the Pineal gland.

I say we have to repair it because over time, our culture has decreased the power of the Pineal gland. One of the most dangerous elements that limit the cosmic ability of our third eye is Fluorine. Fluorine or Fluoride can be found in many things ranging from depression medication, toothpaste, and even added to the water supply. Fluoride intake over time can calcify the Pineal gland, reducing its abilities and eventually solidifying it.

Humans have always been aware of the Pineal gland and its many galactic powers, but that can be very dangerous to the dominator culture that we live in today. We are being pushed to stray away from oneness and togetherness so we will blindly consume things that are harmful to our bodies and our minds. The goal now is to start decalcifying our Pineal glands and releasing our true divine wisdom into the world again.

There are a multitude of practices that can start to repair and develop your Pineal gland.

  • Watch your Fluoride intake – It is extremely difficult to start eliminating fluoride completely from our lives simply because it is in so many different things. A lot of water in the U.S. is induced with the element, especially in urban areas! This fact alone makes it hard to avoid. Doing things like not taking Fluorine based medications, or using Fluoride free toothpaste are good steps to take to start the process of decalcifying your Pineal gland.
  • Practice and dedication – The Pineal gland is a part of our bodies that we must exercise and develop it as we continue to develop the rest of our body and mind. Meditation and art are two great ways to exercise your third eye. As we begin to develop this vital cosmic organ, our power increases and we are able to attain more and more spiritual experiences the more we expand.
  • Spend more time outside – Spending time outside gets us back in touch with the natural flow of the universe. The energy in nature stimulates our third eye and makes it more receptive to the unseen light around us. The Sun in particular empowers our Pineal gland, and helps to decalcify it, expanding our massive power.
  • Spend time with others – Other people increase our power. This existence relies on people taking care of each other and helping in any way they can. Spending time with like-minded people and developing our abilities together can increase the speed of our spiritual process. Without others our existence is meaningless. So get out there and start loving these people.
  • Certain foods – Many foods can energize your third eye chakra and increase energy flow to the Pineal gland. It may sound strange, but eating certain color foods will help balance a certain chakra. The third eye chakra is blue or indigo, so keep an eye out for fresh organic produce and all the beautiful colors nature presents us with.  Raw cacao also helps to decalcify the Pineal gland, and stimulate your mental development.

Above all, be mindful of your environment and chemical intake. Get to know the effects different things have on your body and start to treat your body and mind like the divine creations they are. We HAVE to respect our third eye and stay in touch with it because essentially it operates as the mechanism we can use to “call home”. We are forever connected to the spirits, and being able to realize this is what springs us forward into our spiritual journey. We have long known about this aspect of humanity, but we are being taught to believe that we are no more than flesh bound animals. We are much more than that. We are infinite beings with unlimited spiritual and mental capabilities; we just need to develop that part of our brain that allows for the flow of cosmic intelligence. We are beginning to wake up reconnect to the eternal dance in the stars. Radiate light, love, and positive energy. Much love to you all.


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