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by Michael Pinello

Energy, frequency, and vibration shape our world and the universe alike. Energy runs our existence and a lot of the time we don’t even think about it. It is important that we start to recognize how powerful we truly are and the fact that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings have a direct impact on how we perceive reality.

We are magnetic beings in nature, which means we attract positive or negative outcomes due to our evaluation of certain situations. When we respond negatively to an event or when someone presents us with negative energy, we are simply asking our soul to attract negative things.

The way I see it is that when we are presented with negative energy, we have two choices. We can either empower the negative energy or overcome it, and each choice has its own set of outcomes. Often we feel that our energy is sucked out of us when we are hit with negativity and hate. I like to call this energy harvesting.

Energy harvesting is when our responses to a situation empower negativity of another person. It is almost as if we surrender our positive energy to an outside source, and losing control of our own energy is detrimental to our individual spiritual process. When we surrender our energy, it can be extremely difficult to stay in the present moment.

When we dwell on the past and feel bad thinking about what could have happened, we miss out on essential growth opportunities that will only manifest themselves in the here and now. All we have is each moment. Past and future do not exist as we have been taught for the duration of our waking lives, and staying in the present is quite challenging skill to master.

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Our energy flows beautifully when we focus on each precious second and all of the possibilities that we have to capitalize on.

Here are a few tips to help us start focusing on the present moment and increasing our maximum energy flow:


Re-evaluation of negative situations can bring us day to day happiness. People refer to this as “killing with kindness” and we have the ability to drown out negativity with our own genuine actions towards others. Remember, “Don’t get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction.” Negative responses to negative situations will bring more negative aspects to your existence. Focus on the positive aspects of every situation and you will be surrounded by positive outcomes.

2. Stay in the here and now

Our energy is most powerful when we flow like water. The natural flow of our spirit is not confined to a linear timeline, and it is vital that we realize the fact that time is but a construct that humans created. We were never meant to feel like time is running out because all we ever have is a single moment at any given time. Be here and act now!

3. Empathize

If we can begin to understand that people are negative because of situations that they keep hidden from the world, we can see that people are usually hurting in some way due to unknown circumstances. We humans need to always try to understand a situation before we respond negatively. Remember, there are way too many people in the world that need our help, and negativity might just be someone begging for you to reach out and touch them. We exist for the bigger picture, and we are all in this together.

4. Spiritual practice

Any number of spiritual practices can help you develop in your spiritual process. A few include meditation, balancing your chakras, and prayer. The more we develop our innate spirituality, the easier these things will become.

As we begin to focus our energy and being submersed in positivity, happiness, and love, we can’t help but stay in the moment. Energy flow runs everything that we are from the inside out. We must bring this planet back into divine togetherness and love to restore it to its original template. This world is in a state of chaos, and we all volunteered to come here and make it better for those to come and for those already here. Recognizing global consciousness and a higher energy flow can empower us and uplift our souls to create a better life for us and the people we encounter.

There is no better time to start developing and awakening than right now! May you all be surrounded by positive energy and light. I love you all and thank you for being here to better yourselves and our planet. PEACE!



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