Our Purpose on This Planet3 min read

our purpose on this planet

“The Almighty cycles”

Biological countdown to departure,

Re-learn, Re-live, Recycled.

Each piece vital to the whirlpool of consciousness,

A divine game of creation over time.

Smoke signals blazing in an attempt to free my mind.

369 Manifestation Code

Unlocking doors reveals our connection to the sky.

What are we doing on this planet? How do we start to discover our true purpose in this life? The questions may seem overbearing while we begin to embark on our spiritual awakening. As we move forward into infinity figuring out our purpose naturally becomes easier.

Inner peace – Inner peace refers to a divine state of mind. When we silence our minds and focus our intention inward we reach a state of peace and serenity. The majority of our time spent on this planet our inner divinity is hidden beneath a thick layer of thoughts and emotions. This is part of the 3-dimensional game of life we are all playing. It is important that we develop the ability to turn off this part of us and begin to discover our divinity hidden deep within each and every one of us. In solitude we find that mystical place we have always been a crucial part of.

Exploring the vast landscape of Mother Earth is an almost endless adventure of discovery and wonderment. So much hidden, so much to discover and unravel, some spend their lives trying to “see it all” but that is near impossible. “As within, also without” . To explore our outside world is wonderful but without internal and spiritual discovery, we simply begin to forget our inner power and connection to the entire universe. As we see more of this planet and of ourselves, we gain insight on what we are called here to do in this life. We clearly see how we fit into the almighty puzzle of creation, and our path presents itself to us.

Connect – Connection is the core of our very existence. Every living thing is the same substance, every person the same. To realize that we are all one is one of the most moving and transforming pieces of knowledge that we can gain as human beings. As we start to think about how vital each person is, we gain a sense of compassion for the world and all of its inhabitants. Reach out to those who are down and outcast, pay attention to your footprint on the world, and start to love everyone with all your heart. It is easy to important that we share our energy and love with all of creation. No matter how big or small, PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and keep on loving.

If we trust ourselves, our feelings, and intuition we gain the most valuable knowledge. The knowledge of self and creation shines a mighty bright light on our divine purpose of this life. Life is only temporary so every time our soul inhabits a new body, we must start the discovery process over again. Our souls are energy and continue to be recycled with the natural order of the planet. Having trust in our innate abilities and capitalizing on our natural talents brings us insight on how to live our lives. Tune in to divine guidance, trust your ability, and always do exactly what you were meant to do. I am always with you and we are all together. I love you all to infinity and beyond.

by Michael Pinello