Pineal Gland Symbolism in Movies1 min read

pineal gland

By Aaron Foster

In my last article, I asked the question: “Are we trapped in time,  and if so is there a way to overcome this limitation?”.  Once again through the magic of “Hollywood” and its symbolism I have a video to share .

In the last article, I spoke of the pineal gland and perhaps it having a deeper meaning then previously thought; also the possibility of a nuclear blast effecting the pineal gland and ripping a whole in what we call “reality”.

The video is one hour long, but I am sure this will put a lot of things in perspective in relation to this “reality”, “aliens”,”ghost” etc. Other movies you can reference are “Blast from the past”, “Looper”, “Deja vu”, “Cloud atlas” ,”Lunopolis”, “Men in black 3”, and “Groundhog day” . Pretty much any time travel movie were the main character tries to altar the past to change his or her present. Follow the white rabbit.