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According to Frederick Nietzsche, a famous German philosopher, “Either one does not dream, or one does so interestingly. One should learn to spend one’s waking life in the same way: not at all, or interestingly.”

Psychiatrists have been practicing hypnosis techniques for many years to diagnose patients by putting them to sleep for few minutes or hours. Through this act, the patient usually becomes concentrated in their own personal space and imaginary world, which may lead to either a positive outcome or a negative one; since we are never really sure of what our mind is capable of showing us. If he/she wants his/own queries to be solved or to get rid of a bad habit that has been going on for years, or to simply escape from reality, hypnosis helps a lot.

For years, people have been desperately trying to get some kind of experience involving their soul leaving the body and wandering off to another dimension of time and space. With the use of drugs like LSD, Changa, DMT or even marijuana, many people have had such experiences. Although these drugs may take you to another world, it is certain that your body and your brain will be damaged to a great extent.
It is definitely not recommended to take such drugs that give you a psychedelic or a hallucinating effect, since they are very addictive.

There is an alternative solution to experiencing dreams, having control over them and taking a decision based on it without paying a price for it. All you need is some time, patience and experience to get to that stage, which may include out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming and astral projection.

The concept of out-of-body experience simply means the feeling of your soul leaving your conscious body and entering into another imaginary world where it seems like everything happening around you is real. In order to experiment it yourself, you can either practice lucid dreaming or astral projections.

Being in a Lucid dream is like playing a game where the gamer (you) completely takes control over the game, along with some cheat codes to navigate faster and to achieve the goal. However, it takes a long time to actually experience a lucid dream. You need to follow some procedures to enjoy the benefits of it.

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Firstly, you need ample amount of rest to get started with the process. When you wake up after a good night’s sleep, do not rush to get up from the bed. Instead, try recalling the dreams you had and recollecting the bits and pieces you remember about the dream.

Secondly, keep a journal right beside you to jot down everything you remember about what happened in your dream, like places, people, the situation you were in or how you tried to get out of it.

Thirdly, you should be in a state where your body should be asleep and your mind, awake. You may either drift off immediately to your dream or it may take some time. If you have a dream where you are on the edge of a building or a cliff, imagine yourself jumping off it; thus leading to flying. Overcome your fears with this technique but always keep in mind that flying is better than falling. So concentrate on that!

Finally, instead of trying so hard to control your dreams, practice on having clear thoughts and desires; thereby leading to a better control over your dreams.
Although there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of astral projection/astral travel, it can be defined as a form of telepathy where one’s spirit departs from the body and enters into the dreams of others or just travels around the universe in association with dreams or in the form of meditation.

People use this technique for both good and bad intentions. But always remember that if you use it for bad purposes, it may revert back to you like a boomerang.

Some of the steps you need to follow for entering someone else’s dreams are:

1. Make sure you are in an uninterrupted place where you can concentrate on the targeted person. Try to imagine yourself as that person; for instance, concentrate on the likes/dislikes, the body language, and how he/she acts in a specific situation. This is more like an actor mimicking a character.

2. The more personal you are with the person, the better you can easily sync with his/her personality. Feel like that person and for a clearer thought you can use a picture. Try to think from his/her perspective so that you can align with his/her energy.

3. Lucid dreaming is another way of entering into someone else’s mind. You can use this technique for astral projection. Ex astral projection means entering into the mind or dreams of someone you knew or loved in the past, but they are no longer present in your life.

To conclude, all our minds and energies are interconnected through a psychic connection. You can enter into that grid to reach out to the people that you want to have a closer connection with.


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