A Few Basic Rules to Live by if All Seems Lost.2 min read


Hi my name is Richard, in my life I have always felt things very strongly. so being brought into this world as a child was hard for me. being bullied pretty much everyday of my life until I was old enough to understand why people do what they do.

I began to understand that karma plays a big part in every instance of life. when I was a little child I was ignorant and very selfish, I think the reason for this was the kind of ego central society we are brought up in but I’m not here to blame, I’m here to tell you a few things that have help me a tremendous amount in my life.

The first one is Karma, go about your day being aware of karma and its instant effect it has, this way you can learn a lot faster from your mistakes and the feedback loop is shorter. for example if you are having a bad day, if you are aware of your doings more (karma) you will be able to prevent your day from getting any worse by making a concussions effort in your doings. you know what is best for yourself so I won’t give any simple examples.

The Second one is mindfulness / meditation, sometimes day to day life can be too much to handle, this is when you need to find time for yourself, you can dive into yourself, and come to accept certain things as they are or come up with ways to improve them. Don’t try to do anything just relax, take a break and listen. the silence is not silence at all. it is full of answers and beautiful peace.

Third and last, Be Kind to all living beings, from humans to animals to insects. try to be aware everything in this life has a purpose, everything exists so everything else can exist.

if you have transcended the food chain, which humans have, then all you have to do is respect it. be kind to all animals, and all living things, treat your environment as an extension of your body. what do you do if you feel ill? you take a rest and let nature and your body take care of your illness.

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Admittedly there are some illnesses that can’t be treated by nature but I would argue this is because we are becoming more and more of a threat to the earth that it’s only defence is to use nature against us. but that is only one of my opinions.

I hope you found some helpful advice in this post and wish you well.

Much love,