5 Ways for Empaths to Shield Themselves from Negativity5 min read


Empaths have been subjected to misinterpretation by people in the past. Nowadays, beginning to understand an empathy is still a difficult task for some, therefore we would like to offer more help.

What is more, empaths are also having trouble with grasping the true concept of their state and believe everyone is like them.

Empaths, or sometimes highly sensitive individuals, are in deep need of protecting their health and sanity, so let’s learn something new about empaths.

These people have a strange level of emotion, which can escalate to extremely good or extremely bad. This is all due to many factors.
However, as much as your environment affects you, know that you can affect it back and turn the tides in your favor.

As an empath, you are deeply in accordance with yourself and know your emotions. You are also highly considerate of other people’s emotions and feelings. Emotions can trigger your appetite, overwhelm your thoughts, or influence your mood, but at the end of the day, you rely on nothing but your instinct and gut. To many, this is admirable!

These feelings may appear everywhere and empathy is oftentimes even unaware of them.
Because of their nature, empaths are more able to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as loneliness. But, as a result of their exposure, empaths must learn to prevent negative energy from nesting in their minds.

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Negativity can have a devastating effect on empaths as they absorb each and every sensation around them.
What you need to do to prevent this unpleasant occurrence, is to do the following:

1) Keep Your Boundaries High

Your private space is for you alone, so don’t invest plenty of energy into other people’s affairs. Because you attract everyone’s mood so quickly, it can come across as difficult to be open. And, we suggest you not to. This will preserve your overall health and will let you get a piece of mind.
You have your own life, morals, and values. That is why additional baggage is not recommended at all. If you cannot resist to get affected, pick your battles and give in to your inner serenity.

Whether you are influenced by the media, friends, or family members, know that anything does have its impact. While maybe unconsciously, you can become a slave to other people’s emotions, and that is not the goal.
To help yourself better, make a list of “Yays” and “Nays” and stick to them. This ought to do the trick in no time.

2) Learn to Open Up

Many empaths are confused by their own selves. This is due to the fact that, oftentimes, empaths will find themselves with so many feelings, not knowing which one is truly theirs.
This might come as frightening, which is why you are advised to always seek help and find someone you truly trust. Confiding is important for empaths as it helps them lift some burden off their shoulders, and not go through all the chaos on their own. In return, they get a venting system which helps them keep a sane head and mind. At first, not knowing about yourself can be scary and isolating, but once you share your inner fear with someone, you will immediately be relieved.
Your needs should always come first and this is the stance you need to withhold.

3) Know When to Take Enough Breaks

Keeping other people at a reasonable distance can help you acquire more piece of mind, and can even extend the longevity. People tend to be overbearing at times, and this is all due to their curiosity and emotional nature. But, as your nature is more emotionally stimulated, you tend to get overwhelmed by people. Taking a break from them can always do more good than harm.

4) Recognize Emotionally Draining Moments

Due to your strong intuition and gut, as an empathy, you are able to recognize and sense the dangerous energies coming your way. People are wrapped in their own little world, but empathy serves them as great venting system. This should not be the case whatsoever.
Being intuitive and knowing when to take a step back will help you hugely. It will preserve your sense of self and will enable you to eliminate toxicity from your life.
Know how to react to each situation so you don’t come across as harsh, but still, preserve your integrity.
Again, a simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ quiz can work its magic and help you out in the sketchiest of situations!

5) Protect Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Empaths need a mandatory cleansing every once in a while. Because of the energy they withdraw, empaths are unable to shake off the feeling of unease without an extra help.
Purifying your body is more than recommended and can get your mind in the right place once more. This way you will protect your sanity, well-being and overall health.
Here is what we suggest:

  • Go out in the sun more often
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Do yoga
  • Take long baths Use healing crystals
  • Equip your home with aromatic candles
  • Use essential oils on a daily basis
  • Meditate and talk to yourself
  • Let your imagination run wild
  • Pray
  • Keep the energy flow from early in the morning
  • Establish and adequate eating regime
  • Liquid detox based on veggies and herbs

It is important for you to love yourself first and allow yourself a break if needed. Feel free to explore yourself as a human being before you do the same for others!