Divine Blessings3 min read

by Samantha Ramkomuth
Spirituality is accessed within you.
Spirituality isn’t a stereotype. It cannot be put into a box. It isn’t something you be. Spirituality IS you.
Spirituality isn’t something you need to find outside of you. Jesus wasn’t a Christian and Buddha was not Buddhist. They were people who taught self-love and peace. They saw the same beauty in others that they saw within themselves first. Their legacy is here to help us to remember who we are, it isn’t for worshipping.
There is no hierarchy when it comes to oneness. These people teach us to access our oneness from within. They didn’t teach us to put them up on a pedestal and praise them. They taught us to look within and to seek the answers from inside ourselves.
Spirituality isn’t meant to be complex, it is simple, you are spirituality. You are a divine being who has had the courage to incarnate as a human and overcome the challenges of life and its teachings. The reason you are here is to be who you truly are. You are here to experience your divinity, your magnificence, your specialness. You are here to be great and powerful because beneath this physical exterior that is exactly what you are.
The fact of the matter is that if you are shut off from your emotions and your ability to feel your intuition then you are shut off from who you really are. If you cannot experience yourself through your trials and tribulations, outside of your mind, your external reality and your physical body then you will be forever searching for the greatness deep down you know so well. You may be practicing spirituality but in essence you are still missing the point. Your spirituality is you. All you need to learn is right there within you now. The day you start to focus on your inner world is the day you reconnect to that which you forgot was you.
You see, you were never lost. You had just forgotten who you were. This is your challenge. This is why you choose to incarnate because the challenge is so wonderful that you learn so much and you get back to who you are so you can live your soul’s purpose.
Spirituality works through self-love which includes self-realisation, self-healing, self-actualisation, self-discovery and self-acceptance. When you know who you are versus who you told yourself you are, the veil of self-illusion lifts.
When I talk about love, I am not referring to the love we perceive as humans. Love to me goes much deeper than the excitement of lust and happiness. To me, love is all about unconditionality. It is all about connectedness and appretion. Love means whole. Love means complete. Self-love is spirituality. When you love yourself you in turn love all that is because you understand the connection at a level greater than your human self. The connection is infinite. It is never-ending. Therefore we must appreciate the level at which we interconnect with all that exists, including the realm of spirit.
Find the love within you now. Everything in your life is based on you, not them. It is ALL about you my friend. Stop looking out there and spend some good quality time looking within.
Know thyself. When you begin to remember who you really are you begin to reconnect to all that is.