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We already know that using fossil fuels as a main source of energy is completely outdated and unnecessary.  Several significant pollutants are produced by fossil fuel combustion as well: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and hydrocarbons.

Oil spills and coal waste are polluting our land and water, killing precious animal life in the process.  Our nation’s fossil fuel dependence means that, to ensure our supply, we may be forced to protect foreign sources of oil. The Persian Gulf War is a perfect example: US troops were sent to the Gulf in part to guard against a possible cutoff of our oil supply.  Could this be a reason for spending so long in the middle east and going into Syria recently?

The fossil fuel industry is poisoning our health, our planet, and even our morality. They are not renewable and will run out in the near future.  We can do better than this.  We have seen examples of free energy devices online, which are often genius but lack a global application.  We have all seen solar panels and wind turbines, which are a great start.  These are certainly good options, but they are contingent on the amount of sunlight and wind speed that is being produced any given day.  There is a third option which is so obvious and could produce more energy in a more sustainable fashion.  Yet for some reason, nobody talks about it. Underwater ocean turbines This is exciting.

The Gulf Stream ocean current alone has the energy density to power most of North America.  Imagine what we could generate if Ocean Utility Turbines were scattered all throughout our major gulfs, lakes, and oceans?  The ocean’s currents have enough usable power to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear energy dependence forever.  We could literally power the world overnight.

This is an underwater ocean turbine.  The turbine is composed of three sets of blades which close when they are moving in the same direction as the flow of water. When the blades close they create an obstacle that the water has to push out of its path of flow. When water pushes on the closed blades it causes the main shaft and generator to rotate which  produces energy in the form of electricity.

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When the blades are moving in the opposite direction as the flow of water they open. When the blades open they create minimal drag in the oncoming flow of water. This design creates very high surface area and drag on the power stroke side of the turbine while creating very low surface area and drag on the returning side. This design has proven to be the most efficient for collecting energy from ocean currents.

Just to give you a scope of how effective these things could be, just one turbine with 30 meter blades in a 3 meter per second current will produce 13,500kw per hour or 324,000Kw per day. With an average residential price of $0.08USD per kilowatt hour this turbine would hypothetically generate $25,920 in electricity per 24 hours while powering all of the energy needs of 13,500 average homes with 100% clean, and safe renewable energy.  Americans are currently spending over 100 billion dollars each year in carbon tax money to go towards climate change research.  If even half of that money went to developing and installing under water turbines, we could power the whole world over night.  Here is one of these things in action.  Now imagine this, but with the turbine having a length of 30 meters:

Here are a list of just SOME of the benefits of ocean utility turbines:

● Energy output of 13.5 MW/hour
● 100% reliable energy – not dependent upon wind or sun, ocean currents are always flowing.
● Doesn’t add heat to environment
● No emissions
● Water safe materials and paints
● Anti-fouling, anti-corrosive, won’t rust, won’t grow sea-life
● Can’t see it, hear it, or smell it.
● Huge survivability in storms (unlike other free energy devices)
● Can provide energy and clean water to hurricane/tsunami victims.
● Components in the utility-scale turbines are non-corrosive non-toxic metals and high performance composite fiber
● Design of turbine has large acoustic signature so marine animals can echo-locate it, moves slow enough for them to move around it, will not harm marine life
● Less susceptible target for terrorism
● Doesn’t take up high value land – places that need power = high population density, usually can’t support large wind turbines or solar projects because the demand is too high and the available area for those projects is not available in populated areas.

This is literally the free energy device we have been waiting to see.  Here is where it gets exciting.  One thing these turbines have is an abundance of shaft torque. This excess torque can be used to drive high pressure Reverse Osmosis Desalinization Pumps to provide not only limitless energy, but also limitless fresh water. There will come a day when the fresh water may be more valuable than the clean energy. Think of what humanity could accomplish with unlimited fresh water and unlimited clean energy.  Not only would underwater turbine farms power entire cities, the would also be turning ocean saltwater into drinkable water!

A renewable source of free energy that also cleans our water for us.  This is something some big corporations certainly do not want us to start using. Here is a great video summarizing the science and mission of this ingenious free energy device:

The group of scientists and researching who have been developing this technology for the last decade have a combined experience of 150 years in underwater engineering.  With several awards already under their belt, the want to take these to the next level and begin to produce and install them to power cities.

Rather then turn to Big Business for help, they are turning to us, the people.  They have recently started an Indiegogo campaign so that people like us who are fed up with Big Oil, the 1%, and what fossil fuels are doing to the planet can help contribute to this revolution in eco-friendly energy.  We all talk about wanting to save the environment, the planet, and the future of us and our children.  We have everything we need to create a world of free energy and clean water right now.  Here is our chance to make it a reality, and win a Tesla P85D car in the process. That’s right.  If you choose to support this revolutionary project, you will not only receive awesome perks and the knowledge that you are contributing to a better world, you will also be entered into a sweepstakes to win a brand new fully loaded 2014 Tesla electric car.  At 700hp, it stands as the fastest sedan in history.  If we all ban together for a cause, we can literally change this planet overnight.

If you are interested in checking out the campaign, you can do so by clicking HERE


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