How to improve your psychic powers?4 min read


Improving your psychic powers can be a delicate thing to do, but it can become a useful asset to help you in your everyday life. There are numerous tricks and ways to help you develop your abilities, but you need to make sure that you are fully devoted to these techniques.

Here, we will cover several methods which can fortify your inner psychic skills. Before we get started, know that these habits need to be practiced in daily basis.

Practice meditation

Try to spend at least 15 minutes of your day meditating. This will raise your inside vibrations and can really help you develop your psychic powers. Our spirit constantly vibrates with frequencies and meditating can really help you to connect your mind to the Universe, in order to develop some of your psychic skill.

Learn psychometry

This is an ability which will help you acknowledge the energy of particular objects. Surely, this can be an interesting experience to bring you closer to discovering your inner self. To do so, hold an object and close your eyes until you start feeling, seeing or hearing anything about the object itself.

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Play a card game with a friend

You can tell a friend to pick a card. Your friend should see it without you knowing which card he holds. Afterward, you need to connect mentally with him and guess the card. It can be a fun game to play and you might actually guess the card.

Use the nature around you

You can always make meditation more interesting. For instance, go for a walk or take a hike in nature. This technique will release your mind from any annoying thoughts. What this will also do is, it will increase your vibrations and help you with the development of new psychic abilities.

Read articles and books on psychic development

The experience and advice from other people can be really helpful for you. Nowadays, it is very easy to find something that you need on the internet. Do a proper research and educate yourself on the Spirit world.

Hold old objects

Use something old from your grandparents, or just go to an antique shop. Take one object and try to sense its energy. This will either be releasing or heavy for you, but it is important that you feel at least something.

Try to see auras

Ask a friend to stay still near a painted wall and distance yourself at least eight feet. Look at your friend’s forehead and try to force yourself looking through the person and directly at the wall. If everything works, you will notice aura around your friend’s head.

Use your pet

Sit next to your pet and try to realize how he or she feels. This should help you improve your clairsentience.

Write a journal

A collection of notes on your thoughts can help you connect with your soul and spirit. Relax completely while writing your journal and let yourself be guided by your thoughts. You can also keep a journal about your dreams. Having psychic abilities can be connected to your dreaming process, causing you to experience vivid dreams.

Have a friend mentally call you

Improve your telepathic ability by visualizing a picture of your friend in your mind. Make a wish that your friend should call you throughout the day and wait for it. If you are successful and you believe that it is a coincidence, try it again the next day and see what happens.

Use your family photos

Another good way to develop your psychic abilities is to take an old photo and look at the people, even though you haven’t met them in your life. Take a piece of paper and write what you feel about them. It can be a fun way to improve your mind and psychic powers.

Improve your psychic hearing

Before you sleep, relax completely and listen to the sound of your surroundings. Even the softest sounds can improve your intuitive powers. This is a good way to improve your clairaudience.

Pick techniques that appeal to you the most and try to practice them every day. Take it slowly in the beginning and don’t lose hope. Our minds are created to do great things, psychic abilities included.