Methods to Help You Improve Your Intuition and Make Better Decisions As a Result4 min read

Have you ever had that gutsy feeling that something would turn out to be the best or worst thing ever?

If so, your intuition is speaking to you louder than ever, and you need to learn how to listen to it more. Oftentimes, we find ourselves trapped in other people’s opinions, which can derail us from actually following our intuition and act in accordance with it.

Today, we will go over the leading techniques which will help you develop and improve your intuition, making it the most trustworthy instinct to live by.

A feeling in your guts

At times when your intuition is overly powerful, you are bound to feel physical effects on your body as well. The muscle twitching, the uneasy feeling you have or even a sickness sensation can all be signs of a strong intuition, so instead of ignoring these, try figuring out what the root of these feelings may be.

Even when something is odd, you will be at peace

Sometimes the most illogical answer can be delivered to you through your intuition. Listen closely, as opportunity doors are opening in your favor at all times.

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Feeling that your thoughts are going in the same direction

Your intuition is almost always there for you, and it has the goal of aiding you through difficulties in your life. If by any chance you miss one of these opportunities, your mind will start reliving the same chance over and over again, until it finally leads you to its realization.

You face the same possibilities over and over again

There is a chance that your intuition is so strong that will create certain signs and patterns in your everyday life. Open your eyes and try noticing these signals, as intuition can be subtle but definite.

You will feel free at the simplest moments

You have probably surprised yourself when all of a sudden, you start laughing or you are just happy for no particular reason. This is another way in which your intuition communicates with you and offers you guidance. Usually, this happens when you are resting, as your mind wanders off and you are left alone with nothing but your thoughts.

Anxiety before making a decision

Intuition is often associated with an uneasy and struggling sensation. This doesn’t have to be a bad sign, but it does send a message you need to further analyze.

Difference between your instinct and intuition

Even though your instinct is there to protect you from the worst outcome, your intuition is more powerful in terms of good decisions. There is a difference between your instinct and intuition, and it is always more advisable you follow your intuition first and your instinct later.

If you don’t pay attention to your intuition you might get sick

If you tend to avoid what your intuition is telling you, you could experience increased stress and anxiety to the point where you actually get physically ill. If this happens, it means that your intuition is telling you to change something and choose a different path. Physical signs are very important and might tell you if you are doing something right or wrong. If doing something feels wrong, appreciate the feeling in your gut and act in accordance with your intuition.

You might not be able to shake this feeling off

Your intuition always finds a way of letting you know that you aren’t doing something right. Allow these signs to lead you and go with the flow.
If you feel motivated and excited, your intuition is indicating something
Nowadays, it is easy to get inspired by watching other people’s accomplishments. By hearing pieces of advice from successful people, you will be able to decide what you want your life to look like. This is where your intuition plays a huge role, leading you to the life you have always dreamt of.

While it might take a while to learn to follow your intuition or recognize its indications, by practicing daily, you will be able to acquire all knowledge necessary to be guided by your intuition right. Go for it, as there’s no truer feeling than the one you get to experience on your own.


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