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We hear a lot of talk about the possibility of psychic powers, and we have all had experiences where we have a sense something is going to happen right before it actually does.

It’s not uncommon to have a feeling someone is going to call right before they call us, or to know what someone is going to say before any words have been spoken.

But is there any scientific credibility to these experiences?  A recent peer reviewed study reveals that the answer is yes.

This interesting new study shows that our minds can sense future events 2-10 seconds before they take place. This study called “Predictive Physiological Anticipation Preceding Seemingly Unpredictable Stimuli: A Meta-Analysis” looked at 26 different studies done over the course of over 30 years which showed that the body and brain actually have a physiological reaction to the future events before you are even consciously aware of it.

The neural activity of the brain is triggered in response to stimuli before they are even present in linear time.  These “pre-stimulus responses” tell us that we actually have the ability to physically detect unpredictable events before they even manifest in our physical space-time.

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.They concluded that ” the results of this meta-analysis indicate a clear effect, but we are not at all clear about what explains it”.

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Of course, the current scientific paradigm isn’t willing to embrace the idea of consciousness being able to actually tap into the dimension of time and receive information.

Because of this, they go on to conclude that “The cause of this anticipatory activity, which undoubtedly lies within the realm of natural physical processes (as opposed to supernatural or paranormal ones), remains to be determined.”

It’s a shame that almost 30 studies proving the brains ability to detect future events before they actually happen still isn’t enough to convince scientists to look outside of the current paradigm for explanations.

This phenomenon is sometimes called “presentiment,” as in “sensing the future,” and is sometimes explained in terms of a “consciousness field”.

There are countless studies that have been done which suggest that the mind does not end at the boundaries of the skull, and can actually influence things in the external world such as quantum objects, the thoughts and behaviour of other people, and even the flow of electrical currents.

This “consciousness field” is where thoughts actually take place, and according to renowned physicists such as Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Michio Kaku, is the ground of being itself.  Physical objects and phenomenon emerge out of this field of consciousness that lies at the foundation of existence.

This is also known as the “superstring field”, which Dr. John Hagelin refers to as being the fountain-head of the laws of nature and all of the elementary particles.  This “Unified Field” of consciousness means that not only do we share a collective consciousness with all sentient beings in the universe, we are also literally one with all events in space-time.  

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial minds

According to an entire school of physicists, of course it makes sense that our brains can detect future events because consciousness is not created in the brain.

Consciousness is received by our brains and filtered through our nervous system in the same way satellite signals get received like a cable box.

Our minds are not separate from the physical world. The results of these studies only make sense if we look at the physics of consciousness in terms of non-locality and unity at the fundamental levels of nature.

Here is more by Dr. John Hagelin on the physics on consciousness in light of Unified Field Theory:

Once again, we have mainstream scientifically stable studies that give credence to the psychic aspects of the mind and the paranormal abilities of the brain.

The next time you have a thought about something before it actually occurs, that’s because your brain really is picking up on it physiologically in a way we can measure.  This has been proven almost 30 times in the last several decades.

What do you think could explain this effect?

Is time non-linear?

Is this just a glitch in the matrix?

Is there a way the energy field of our minds can tap into information regarding events that haven’t happened yet?


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