World’s First Amethyst Crystal Hotel Being Built in China1 min read


Crystals & Geodes are one of nature’s most exquisite creations, and are now set to to be modeled as the inspiration of a new stunning hotel in China. The unique organic design is truly unlike any ever seen. Check out this set of mind blowing, gorgeous design photos!

The amazing designers of NL Architects are setting a new precedent in architecture, aesthetic and design. The hotel resembles a geode sliced in half to show off its shiny, crystal interior. The intention of such a design? To provide the hotel guests the soothing and relaxing, energetic properties of amethyst. A groundbreaking approach indeed, one that acknowledges and is inspired by the energetic qualities of a crystal.

The hotel rooms will be contained in the inner-crystalline structure, which will be illuminated by sunlight to sparkle and glisten like a true gem, while filled with a soft relaxing glow at night. Will this hotel be a trend for a new way to model nature and its properties in the future?

Well, there is talk of this hotel being the first in a potential series of chains, with the first to go up on a Chinese man-made island with the name Ocean Flower.  Keep an eye out, as these crystal hotel vacation spots may become a staple in vacation, resort like experience as they catch on!

Look at these beautiful photos!

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