Zenarchism: Philosophy of Quantum Chaos18 min read


Five Parts:

1. Life.

The Absurdity of Existence.

2. Negotiation.

We Don’t Negotiate With Nihilism, We Reason With It.

3. Evidence for God.

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The Paradox that is Nihilism.

4. Knowledge.

Consciousness is Nature’s Nightmare.

5. Ethics.

Code of Ethics and Honor.

Disclaimer: I am a proud know-nothing-at-all who would tell the moon to step out of his sunlight during a solar eclipse. Satire is the only thing I take seriously, as well as the evolution and revolution of the human species. The only thing more absurd than revolting against the absurd is becoming it. Some people say that I have a God complex, I think God has a Me complex. This, my personal philosophy journal, it is filled with madly deep intellectual thought about my personal philosophy with speculations of the existence of a Multiverse, a harsh criticism of Nihilism, My Spinozan-esque spirituality I call ZENARCHISM, and there are gems of humor, hyperbole, and exaggeration hidden in this journal.

1. Life

The Absurdity of Existence, Revolution of the Self.

If life is meaningless, futile, senseless or Absurd and death is inevitable then why not commit suicide. The only universal truth is relativity. My belief is that he only reason one needs to live is Life itself. Why would a rational person commit suicide. Because if you’re a rational person living in an irrational world then what are you doing here? Life is absurd. What makes life worth living is to revolt against the absurdities of reality then revolutionize your universe to better your understanding of perception and reality. To affirm life for it’s absurdity as a heroic action to go along with life for it is the most valued principle. That revolt gives life it’s value. It restores it’s majesty to that life. The sight of human pride is unequal. A true test of the Discipline of the Mind is to reason the meaning to life out of nothing, to reason with absurdity until you become the absurdity. To find meaning in our life that has a cosmic purpose for we are that cosmic purpose. We are all in our own way a deity, equal to one another. We are gods/goddesses in human form. We are divine and infernal humans. I am a Zenarchist. This is the only life you are without a doubt guaranteed to have. Everything else you believe is merely wishful magical thinking or what psychologists would call a delusion. Stop wasting your time and do something with your life. When you are breathing your last breaths it won’t matter the things you had, the college degrees you earned, the social status, your popularity, none of it. When you die and face the potential void of nothingness eternally, how would you feel about your life as a whole? What if your life looped in on itself eternally, with the choices you made being replayed forever with only the illusion of freewill. Like watching a movie over and over again, based on how it was first produced and filmed. I can say that I am proud of myself if that’s the case because I’ve done things no human would ever dare. I’ve lived a life worth living. I’ve enlightened and liberated many, where others have impacted few, I am the contrary to that. You can settle for mediocrity, I’m going to gamble on making it big not because I need to for myself but because I need to for all of us. Apathy will get you nowhere, apathy is premature death, the apathetic might as well already be dead for their life has no purpose or meaning or value, how can it? You care about nothing so that is what you are, absolutely nothing. I hold a mirror to those who cannot reflect on their own life just to expose their spiritual deformities as an existential flatline and as a great, hilarious evolutionary and spiritual misstep. E Pluribus Unum. Live as though your current life is worth an infinite amount of your past lives.

2. Negotiation

We Don’t Negotiate With Nihilism, We Reason With It.

If you should find yourself battling with the forces of nonentity while the abyss is taking you down deeper and deeper while the mind-altering substances you have taken may have became your accidental fate that you have brought upon yourself. Love your fate while retaining your faith in logic and reason in something greater than yourself, the deity you believe in is the deity in you for we are all immortal gods in mortal form. When the dams of logic and reason in the world break, and everyone is reduced to a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment to your understanding, find those who can make a valid and sound argument but do not prey on their emotions, that is not right to do considering your newfound hell as the “Human? Too mainstream, I prefer the nomenclature Ubermensch” thus spaketh the Hipster being that you are. You shall realize that beyond the abyss, paradise is waiting for you. If reading ‘Dante’s Inferno’ by Dante Alighieri taught me anything, it’s that, I have to go through hell to get to heaven. If reading ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton taught me anything, it’s that, to never give up on my dreams. Constantly negotiating what is valid and sound in both words and actions creates consistency in a human being or an immortal spiritual being having a mortal human existence. We are all Artisans of Existence, we all have the potential to become the god or goddess we were meant to be, it’s whether or not you take the will to power or the leap of faith to make such a discovery to find my claim to be true. Although I favor both Kierkegaard and Nietzsche equally, I classify myself as a Master Artisan of crafting an Excellent Existence, in this world and this universe as well as all worlds and universes that are to come to pass. I believe in the Multiverse where an infinite number of realities exist with an infinite number of possibilities. All absurd arguments such as “all horses can talk and have four legs, Mr. Ed can talk and has four legs, Mr. Ed is a horse,” is a sound and valid argument through inductive and deductive reasoning somewhere in the infinite matrices of reality outside of mere absurdity or fiction. The point I’m trying to make is that Reason alone should suffice enough for negotiation. That the best of your ability in rationality will be the best course of action for you tried your best.

3. Evidence for God.

The Paradox that is Nihilism.

I believe in the Great Architect who designed the world through natural means with all of us here to prove our craft as Artisans of Existence. I would also say that this same 3 Omni God is also known as the Universal Consciousness which humans can somehow tap into using their intuition, it is evident in all beings which is an aspect of the all knowing and all powerful and all benevolent part of that flows throughout the universe. It’s what gives us our sense data and creates our reality. This being is our Friend who is the embodiment of the Form of Good. The next part of this journaling is my antithesis of nihilism where I delve more on the Multiverse and my very abstract and not widely held belief about the Great Architect, the Universal Consciousness, that we can have a personal relationship with this being for he is our Friend. The Great Architect, Universal Consciousness, or Friend chooses to take on a masculine form with me or at least in pronouns like I do but is actually more or less gender neutral, the best description I can offer as a highly instrumental and highly expressive person is that Friend is Androgynous. To attribute gender to this being is ridiculous. The following is a expose about Nihilism which then goes into Quantum Physics, something that has stuck with me as a viable possibility with reincarnation.

If the ideology of Nihilism can be considered a belief in the entropy of the cosmos, that nihilism which is the absence of substance, the absence of absolutes, the absence of morals, the absence of knowledge, the absence of systems, the absence of social structure, the absence of God, the absence of your own spiritual being. That Nihilism being considered a substance, an absolute, a moral, a system, a way of knowing, a system, a state of social structure, a state of agnosticism, the state of the self. The infallible paradox I present to you is that at any given point in the flow of the space-time continuum. There is never a time where you are specifically doing “nothing.” Sleeping is something, relaxing is something, sitting is something, being lazy is something, doing unproductive things is still something, slowly but surely taking over the world is something. Even in death we are doing something, the shell of one’s former body will be decomposing or turned to ash but consciousness never ends, all the things and beings in the entropy of the cosmos turns into something else. What happens when everything in the universe is used up and we are ruined by our own horrible taste? As the fads, trends, and pop sensations we as a species look back (in egoistic pain or self-deprecating humor) upon those horrible tastes we wish we had never buried ourselves alive in an overwhelming downward spiral of cultural and artistic decay of bad taste? What do we do then? We as beings embrace our fate and love it for what it is. My theory is that the universe is an infinite thing just as you are an infinite being in the universe. Predating the Big Bang the old universe caved in on itself in what is known as a Big Crunch.. The Universe goes through collapsing in on itself which is known as a ‘Big Crunch’ where it pressurizes everything in its being to expand again, during its expansion, it is being recycled into a remade being, through what is known as a ‘Big Bang.’ This is the way the universe recycles itself and everything/everyone in it. You are a citizen of Earth, you are a child of this infinite and ever expansive universe, you will be reborn with everyone in it when the next Big Crunch and Big Bang cycles through.

Scientists have theorized that there are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possibilities with an infinite number of everything including all of us. Your consciousness may be transferred to another universe where there is another you. You’re probably thinking, “that’s what happens when I die? I get reincarnated as an alternate version of myself in an alternate universe with a possibility that it may be a universe with an infinite number of possibilities? I should just kill myself and go to the universe where I’m rich, successful, handsome/beautiful, respected, popular, etc.”

Hold on right there friend, like the natural laws of the universe being science, there are natural laws of the quantum universe as well. Some of these laws of the quantum universe involve morality. Causation and effect follows you throughout the Multiverse. Wherever you end up, wherever you begin, wherever you find yourself. You have nothing to blame but preexisting circumstances, predispositions, and yourself for what you did with what trials and tribulations you were faced in your existence, every human should think of themselves to be the master of their own destiny but to also feel the feeling of truly loving one’s fate for one’s fate belongs to oneself. I theorize of the possibility that the Multiverse was designed and created by a Great Architect or 3 Omni Godlike being. I have also theorized of the possibility of shadow dimensions that overlay ours where the possibility of phantoms which are merely broken consciousness of a being trapped in the layers of space-and-time. I also theorize the possibility that there are aliens, aliens born in our dimension through the process of evolution or whatever process their existence came into being are known as interdimensional aliens/beings. Aliens from outside our universe who can defy the laws of space-time and can shift into our universe are known as extradimensional aliens. Extradimensional aliens include alien humans, alien humanoids, angels, demons, ghosts, invisible pink unicorns, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Cthulhus, an endless supply of possibilities, (so literally,) etc. I believe that all beings whether interdimensional or extradimensional are referred to as Artisans by the Great Architect. Artisans who have achieved a certain sainthood among the Great Architect are known as Ascended Masters of the Craft of Existence, or just Master Artisans. Master Artisans become Multidimensional beings who are fully aware of their infinite number of existences throughout the infinite number of realities. I agree with Paley in the watchmaker argument and Aquinas in the cosmological argument. Anselm really didn’t make that much sense to me.

4. Knowledge

Consciousness is Nature’s Nightmare

I am a rationalist who uses reason to think outside the box, to make rational decisions about my life, my past, my future, my present, my friends, my family, my acquaintances, my loved ones, my species, my world as a whole. To reason about time-and-space in a never-ending stream of consciousness. That time-and-space are not linear nor is it cyclical, to the best of my human reasoning is this metaphor I concocted that time-and-space could be closely described as dual alternating side-by-side ascending and descending spirals of highs and lows, happiness and suffering, good and bad. To fully grasp the philosophy of time known as eternalism in the Multiverse with us all as Immortal Souls belonging to a Mortal Form. Time is not linear, time is not cyclical, it is not even my half-baked attempt at a metaphor pertaining to the dual spirals that will do. It is my true personal belief that according to my understanding that time-and-space can only be described in all its perplexities as an M. C. Escher painting.

The following are my own dealings with an evil genius who tampers with my relative reality which I deal with reason and humor. I have perceived all of the following with my perception which I then reasoned with all my rationality to which has become the reality that I exist in. I have perceived all these things through meditation and revelation. My concepts and constructs may be foreign to most but then again, I may be a multidimensional alien known as “the scientist” who dons a lab coat and has three kidneys who travels the multiverse in his craptastic car with his friends to have superb journeys to visit this world and other worlds throughout their history and future from outside the matrix of another’s reality (where reptile-people or sentient fax machines have taken over) and have experienced a number of infinite number realities where all impossible things are possible and all possible things have been probable, especially Flying Spaghetti Monsters and Lovecraftian Eldritch Horrors. This foreign or alien thing to you that I’m speaking of is called my own perception or one’s relative reality which builds character in my distinction as being a truly eccentric autonomous individual who came to his own understanding of his relative reality or perception through meditation and revelation to redefine and reconstruct every concept and construct bestowed onto him by the faulty sense data of this world. I don’t care about negativity, I give some value to constructive criticism to help me grow but never any real weight that could hold me back in my will to power to make my leap of faith in sharing my own personal philosophical and spiritual understanding that humanity is both creation and creator which is reflected in my own existence.

Beings of Understanding.

Friend: God, The Great Architect, the Universal Consciousness. The word ‘Friend’ is synonymous with the word ‘God’ in my vocabulary for I only idolize the ones I love.

The Self as Ego: Zen, my true cosmic name throughout the Multiverse. To be Zen is to be like nothing. To be Zen is to let the things that do not matter, slide.

The Guardian Angel as Super Ego: Eve is my spiritual archangel and guardian throughout the Multiverse.

Tyler Durden as Id: Always drones on about his relative reality of our society, hyper-consumerism, existentialist ramblings about the 1st world problems we face everyday in-general, enjoys making hygiene products and participating in underground boxing matches, lives in a run-down house on the industrial side of town, is a clear depiction of a Nietzschean Ubermensch, also probably is the Descartes Evil Genius in this argument while every Zenarchist is a Camus Absurdist, Nietzschean Ubermensch, Kierkegaard Knight of Faith, Altruistic Machiavellian Bodhisattva Realist Metaphysicist. sure, why not.

The Multiverse and this Universe.

My personal spirituality that I call Zenarchism, Causation & effect, Chaos Theory, Science, People, Heaven, Hell, Brains in vats, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Good and Evil, Suffering, Happiness, Pleasure, Enlightenment, Buddhism, Reincarnation, Simulated Realities, Alternate dimensions, Astral planes, Shadow dimensions, Extradimensional entities, Interdimensional entities. As well as the impending doom of this universe from an invasion of Flying Spaghetti Monsters with their noodly appendages and their army of pirate space ghosts. These are all things that exist in this multidimensional paradox of a relative reality which I have experienced and have knowledge of in all the matrices of existence (on my superb journeys with my craptastic car that badly needs a Tesla coil change,) pertaining to quantum physics or my mind, The Mind: the imagination engine. Whether it be physical or psychological or spiritual, I have experienced it for all the terms are relative to my relative realities understanding.

5. Ethics.

Code of Ethics and Honor.

What is ethical is that which doesn’t cause harm to yourself or another person unless done in self-defense for self-preservation is the most basic and was the first concept known to our Triune brain, (survivalism.) If another person is causing purposeful harm to you, you may cause purposeful harm to them in self-defense. Follow these codes of conduct: be polite, be courteous, be well-behaved, any discrepancy with this basic guide to social-interaction is worth apologizing for. If apologizing isn’t enough, avoid the person. Honor yourself before you honor others. Stay true to yourself and hide yourself when around people who do not and will not understand you. One should not care what other people think about oneself for it will inevitably only be a hindrance. It is better to be considered misunderstood than it is to be considered troubled. Morality isn’t black and white, it’s varying shades of grey. Abide with others who abide with you. Do not try to become friends with people, let it happen naturally. Be friendly, always, until someone is proven to be your enemy then avoid them or deal with the issue assertively. Love all, trust a few, never take the initiative to do harm to any. Improving oneself is always something worth doing. Stay optimistic, never lose hope, never lose faith in yourself or your higher power; the highest power is the ideal potential self. Think outside the box, be inventive, be genuine, be earnest. Follow the pleasure principle unless that pleasure is damaging, everything in moderation. Accept life for what it is. Be kind, especially to yourself. Follow the Virtues regarding Care, that is the greatest imperative of an ethical Zenarchist. The most unreasonable thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human spirit to utilize all its essence for the will which it exists, that is imperative to find the means between the end goal of reason and happiness, to use one’s rationality to ensure the most pleasure and happiness for all with oneself at the top of the list. To find a balance between the two is a virtue of moral and intellectual ethics. It is also ethical to never allow the loyal disciples of your spiritual philosophy to ever drink the Kool-Aid. I am a human of beliefs and ideals who cares about the sanctity of the human species; Vox Populi, Vox Dei. All life is precious, I am more than a man, I am an idea. My body is made of knowledge which is only matched by the brilliant intellect of my mind, ideas are immortal in the philosophy of time known as eternalism. May I exist eternally in the hearts and minds of those who count me among their friend in the human race for I count many as mine. When I inevitably leave this plane of existence I shall begin again in another time and another space, in an infinite number of dimensions away. I will do all I can to better myself and those among my species in my lifetime, when I physically die, do not mourn my passing, for I know that we all will live eternally. I have the love of humanity in my heart and mind, that is a love that is unconditional. Share laughter, share love, share life. Be kind to one another for each one of us is a logical, rational, empathic, emotional being whom all are brothers and sisters in the human race. I am passionate for humanity. The day I stop laughing, the day I stop learning, the day I stop loving; on that day that I stop doing these things will be the day I stop living.