The 16 Spiritual Powers You Posses But Never Relied On5 min read


It is no wonder to learn just how much humankind is spiritually lifted and gifted at the same time. For years, people have been neglecting their spiritual natures, universe’s hints and more.

The main problem in such case is being forgetful and uninterested. As humans, we tend to forget just how blessed we are and how gifted this world has made us. However, as in everything else, spirituality and accepting it entirely, can be trained. Today, we will look at the most important spiritual gifts you possess, but you may have ignored:

Listen what your internal voice has to say

Many people tend to avoid what their guts are telling them. Intuition is a very important spiritual gift that will save you from making a bad decision most of the time. Usually, a positive intuition is felt from the inside of your belly, and you will be able to recognize it immediately. If you suddenly start to feel skintight and stiff, think twice about your future steps. The thing is that, from time to time, you just have to pay attention to the signals your body is sending to you, and not take these for granted.

Use your external voice

Singing, laughing and yelling can sometimes remove stress from your body altogether. Usually, it helps to go out where no one will hear you and yell your lungs out. Instantly, your body will release all built-up stress and will allow you to let the universe know that you exist!

Seek Silence

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If you can’t make a decision on what bothers you the most, alienating yourself would be a great idea. Go on a bike ride or take a walk in the woods. At times, it is necessary for a person to be alone and explore their deeper thoughts, trying to find a suitable answer to their doubts. Don’t be afraid of solitude, it’s actually comforting!

Take deep breaths

A big help to your nervous system taking several minutes per day to just breathe deeply. Expanding the lungs is a good tactic to relieve stress and anxiety in no time. The cheapest trick in the book!


While you are relaxing, you might actually wander off with your thoughts, and start gazing at one fixed target. Try to do this on purpose and stare at one single dot for at least one minute. You should find this enjoyable and calming.

Surround yourself with meaningful people

Never let yourself suffer in silence and keep good people around you at all times. Everybody needs friends, especially when tough times are ahead. Reach out to your friends or family and try to be closer to them. Communication can be a great aide to improve yourself.

Choose one friend you trust the most

Aside from having tons of friends, there is probably one friend who is extra close to your heart. Dedicate your time and energy to being a good friend and being there when it counts the most. After all, your friends are there for a reason.


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Try to involve yourself in activities which benefit others. This can be energizing and help you form a new perception of yourself. Go to a homeless shelter or an animal shelter and try to help as much as possible. You will feel better about yourself and how you are spending your time.

Explore what you like

Many people just hate their job, which is fine, but you have to experiment until you learn what you love doing. Use your job as a research center and study what you have interest in. You never know which opportunities may present themselves to you in a year or two. You never know which opportunities may present themselves to you in a year or two.

Never forget what you love to do

If you have to, write it down. Write at least three things you like to do and remind yourself every day. If you do the things you love, your heart will feel with joy and happiness.

Embrace the hardships

Meditating can help you determine the root of your insecurities while giving yourself the time and space to grow. Time heals all wounds, so learn to control your mind and take these growing pains for what they are…a momentary phase.

The more you laugh – the better

You have probably heard that laughter is worth half your health. Well, that is actually very true. The more joy and fun you have in your life, the less stress you receive. Try to hang out with people that will have you giggling in no time, instead of participating in activities which will cause you to shut down.

Reflect on your past

You can help yourself a lot by looking at your previous experiences and behaviors. Analyze your past and use your history as a lesson of improving and learning.

You are the boss of your life

Change the story of your life in your favor. Be the producer of your everyday activities and create your own scenario for the future. Find a purpose and work on it…it pays off!

Use your creativity

Every person has a certain level of creativity, just waiting to come out and play. Try to realize what makes you excited the most and surrender to the sensation of fulfillment. Try to brainstorm all your ideas and then put them to work. Go with the flow and keep yourself as thrilled about your creativity as possible.

Be in alignment

Check what is missing in your life and pay attention to the position you are in. Are you where you wanted it to be in your life? If you are not that close to your goal, it is time to revalue your principles and goals and start working on them. Starting fresh is life changing!