Zenarchism: Is Reality Real2 min read

In as little words as my my mind can currently conceive the nature of our existence: Each subjective and objective idea is but a metaphorical framework of the infinite potential of whatever it may be in a moment of awareness that is being focused upon.
Reality under one light is a holographic projection reflecting said projector’s internal component’s variable arrangements as various dimensions of a singular waveform or thought form.
Experience deriving from individual axioms of this waveform measuring its own spatial relativity subjective to other axioms that inversely measure their own dimension in relation to focus, a perpetuating matrix of absolute infinity.
The parameters of the systems code are created dualistically between a lack of, and a presence of willful purpose and intentful focus. Zenarchism is and can be the occasional organized and syncretic arisal of awareness gives light to and expresses the intent/purpose of will: a symbol of the force of creation.
Absolute and undeniable quantification of this force remains elusive as the drive to quantify is ironically the creator of the totality you now can imagine in any dimension. From this the knowledge that belief shapes ones own essential reality can be gained, a dissertation of what people refer to as Enlightenment.
In these words that you have read up to this point and beyond lies an example of the ever so elusive point that can only be glimpsed through paradox. Nothing not even these words can be trusted.
Your existence is impossible to empirically prove. As an insignificant famous philosopher once said “the only wisdom lies in knowing I know nothing”. However therein lies the notion of defining nothing. What exactly is nothing? Perhaps the absence of something or the lack of being? Though this is not satisfactory because the very consciousness of the essence of absence and lack is something within the essence of itself.
The idea of nothing is impossible. A logical fallacy. If nothing is impossible then what separates the void between space and consciousness of space? The space indeed does not exist and is a delusion of ego arisen from interwoven matrices of metadata building around itself prisons of mind embodied with principles of quantum electrodynamics.
From this sequence arises an entity ignorantly claiming to be independent of itself. This is an analogy of you. Nothing is possible and impossible at the same time as everything being impossible and possible.
Another example of an ever unwinding paradox perpetuating itself infinitely into reality.
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