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Zenarchism: Quantum Chaos Theory

Quantum Hypothesis: Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chaos Theory; The Human Problem of the Existential Equation solved by the Divine Solution.

Zenarchism: Zenarchist Quantum Chaos Theory in application to create the ideal self and the ideal society. Consciousness is sentient energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred. Consciousness is not material, consciousness is spiritual. Consciousness is spiritual energy. Zenarchist Quantum Chaos Theory in application is the science of sublimating chaos into order for equilibrium as as applied to all aspects and facets of spiritual existential life and sociological institutions.

Abstract: Quantum Mechanics; Science of Consciousness, Quantum Mind, Electromagnetic Force, Gravitational Force, DMT, Chaos Theory, The Dimensional Centrifuge of Creation-Destruction, Order & Chaos, Cosmological Causation & Effect, Big Bang/Big Crunch, The Dimensional Recycling System, Explanations surrounding the Social Phenomenon known as the “Mandela Effect”

Scientific Probability Hypothesis: The probabilities surrounding Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness, Quantum Consciousness, The Eternal Nature of Consciousness as Energy, Chaos Theory, Centrifuge of Creation-Destruction, Order and Chaos, DMT, the Universal Recycling System, the Planetary Recycling System, Espers, and the possible causation for the Social Phenomenon of the “Mandela Effect.”

Humans are biologically wired to transfer Consciousness as explained by the three times that N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is naturally released in the Human Consciousness. The three times DMT is naturally released in the biochemistry of the Human Consciousness: Birth, REM Cycle Dreaming, and Death. During Birth and Death is when DMT is released in its highest amounts. In death, the pineal gland explodes DMT which floods the Human Consciousness. This is the Electromagnetic Force of Nature that allows Human beings to transfer the Energy of Consciousness across the dimensional matrices of existence into an equal or greater form as described in Isaac Newton’s 1st and 2nd law of motion for Consciousness is a massive Electromagnetic Force of natural energy in its most powerful form that is perpetually in motion. At the time of one’s material death is when the Electromagnetic Force of Consciousness is exponentially multiplied in its Electromagnetic Force of Motion in Dimensional Movement to Transfer to a equal or greater form explained by Humans natural wiring of biochemistry of DMT and Newton’s 1st & 2nd Laws that in application to the Energy of Consciousness will be the foundation for my scientific theorem on how Human Consciousness is Eternal despite Human material bodies perishing, Human Consciousness transfers or transcends our dimensional entity and realm for an equal or greater form.

This scientific theorem is the Human Problem of our Existential Equation solved by the Divine Solution.

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Newton’s 1st Law: “A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon by an external force.”

Newton’s 2nd Law: “The force acting on an object is equal to the mass of that object times its acceleration.”

The Universe is naturally designed to Recycle itself as the causation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy) where planets experience climate change until a mass environmental recycling to the universe experiencing Big Crunches and Big Bangs are in causation and effect of this system. The Big Bang came from preexisting energy of the former Universe before us that experienced a Big Crunch. A Big Crunch is when the Universe compresses itself into pure energy that recycles all entropy while retaining, reincarnating, and transforming all previous existence into the infinitely recurring or alternative Universe while some individuals may transfer Consciousness upwards in dimensional scale to a hypothetical paradise for that is plausible.

Law of the Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred. Consciousness is sentient electromagnetic energy.

A Big Crunch happens prior to a Big Bang in accordance to causation and effect. A Big Crunch is the collapsing and compression of the Universe into a ball of chaotic energy that recycles the Universe through transferring the entropy of the old dimension into a new dimension which then explodes outwards as a renewed cosmos in a Big Bang.

The Hard Reset or Recycling System of a Big Crunch/Big Bang is the transitioning system of dimensional energy in environment and Perceiving Conscious Individuals that may create alternative multidimensional realms (Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics). The infinite number of Windows of Perception to Consciousness is truly innumerable in the scope of the philosophy of time known as Eternalism. Eternalism created a infinite number of Perceiving Conscious Individuals in our multiverse due to the states of progression in Perceiving Conscious Individuals.

This is a problematic paradox in equating the exact number of recycled Perceiving Conscious Individuals in the naturalistic recycling event of Quantum Mechanics for exact process of the natural recycling event of the universe in a Big Bang/Big Crunch. The factoring of the Eternalistic Infinite Number of Windows of Perception in the Blueprint of the Grand Design of Perceiving Conscious Individuals would cause splintering multidimensional realities which as the Universe collapses into a Big Crunch or Primeval Atom.

Our Multiverse, specifically our vector of a Cosmos of a Universe undergoes a Natural Recycling System as the Naturalistic Order of our Universe from planets to stars undergo where most may be perceived as becoming entropy, the waste of our universe is simply energy that is not created or destroyed, only transferred. Even if atomically vibrated into a void of phasing out of existence would our energy be transferred elsewhere in the dimensional matrices of our Multiverse for Consciousness is energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred.

The concept of psychology known as Transference which we transfer our conscious energy throughout our species to be a definitive archetype as a state of mind that can become 16 personality types as an assertive or turbulent individual who may adapt through causation & effect to self-actualize then self-transcend as we do with our sole existential experiencing consciousness as Perceiving Conscious Individuals who adapt & change into other people in our own lives as a natural form of recycling the Egoistic Self until the Ideal Self is met at the apex of human spiritual evolution as Siddhartha became Buddha, The Scientist who failed 1,000 times to find his one time of many success discovering self-actualized then self-transcendental excellence, the philosophical concepts of Nietzsche’s “Ubermensch,” Camus’ “Absurd Hero,” Kierkegaard’s “Knight of Faith,”Zenarchist’s Ideal Self & Chaos Theorist which all of the following are examples of Secular or Spiritual Characters set-forth by Existentialist Philosophers for lovers of wisdom to aspire to become as the Secular Savior of Western Society in our Freedom to Think is Socrates in the cosmological causation that would bring us the orthodoxy of Aristotle in Western Thought upon our world from then on as it is the sign of an intellectual mind to entertain an idea without fully accepting it.

This is the Causality in the Evolution of Ideologies, Information, and Knowledge. Through the Self-Actualization and Self-Transcendance we experience in life is it so difficult to wonder how our sentient energy which is the Divine Logos of Humanity that makes us Homo Sapiens as in Self-Conscience Perceiving Conscious Individuals is so strenuous a concept that our anomaly of nature being Consciousness does not emerge Ex Nihilo from what we experience as an infinite terminus of a void to manifest as something equal or greater than before which does not predicate upon good or evil but in the Dimensional Characteristics of our next manifestation in form as a Perceiving Conscious Individual that may be a 11th Dimensional Entity being 3 Material (width, height, length) 1 Temporal, 1 Consciousness, and 6 others within our space-time continuum imperceptible to humanity. These are the 11 Dimensional Matrices that create our Reality is both limited and limitless for these are the 11 Dimensional Matrices of our Vector of the Multiverse for what it is beyond what we as Terran Humans understand is blocked in our ability as Perceiving Conscious Individuals through a type of Parameter that allows access to the knowledge of this Transference of Consciousness based on volition, action, and self-determined destination in one’s thoughts, words and deeds to manifest in another point and form in the Multiverse. The universe is not linear, it does not resemble a straight line. The universe is not cyclical, it is not a circle. What if the Dimensional Matrices of the Multiverse represent a work of art by M. C. Escher?

Terra Firma is a 11th Dimensional Quantum Omniverse.

Transference: One definition of transference is “the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person’s childhood”. Another definition is “the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object”.

The Natural Planetary Recycling Process
If Perceiving Conscious Individuals would experience existentially such a Universal Recycling Event as causation then Perceiving Conscious Individuals would not remember the Universe Recycling Event for the Recycling System itself is beyond traumatic and beyond fathoming to the Perceiving Conscious Individuals Memory as effect.

During the Purgatory of Dimensional Existence as the Big Crunch is fully compressed from Dark Energy (Einstein’s Lambda) into a atomic sized mass known as the Primeval Atom (Lemaitre). All Perceiving Conscious Individuals would perceive existence in a dream-state of consciousness in their old universe as all Perceiving Conscious Individuals would be in a state of a Tangent Universe that would be experienced by our external senses and rationalized internally by our intuition as a type of Dream among the Collective Quantum Consciousness of Perceiving Conscious Individuals until their grand reprisal of the Primary Universe restarting in a Big Bang where all Order and Chaos would become equal or greater as the Espers or the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory that are existence to create, maintain, or destroy the excesses of dimensional properties of the old universe to stabilize parameters to ensure balance between Chaos and Order.

The Big Crunch compresses a universe completely into a Mass of Chaos Energy where the Collective Quantum Consciousness of Perceiving Conscious Individuals is placed in a Perception of a Dream State that is the Dissociation caused from the End of Everything in the Exegesis of the Universe or the Planet in the Natural Recycling System so the restarting of dimensional functions in a imperceptible Big Bang of a newly formed and formulated Dimensional Universe would naturally result as its effect.

This Recycling System is of Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction of the Energy of Consciousness that is our Dimensional Universe consisting of 3 Material (width, length, height), 1 Temporal, 1 Spacial, 1 Conscious, and the 6 Imperceptible Dimensional Matrix Properties for Terran Humans are 11th Dimensional for our Property of Consciousness allowing observation, interaction, and transferring the pure energy all the Cosmos of our Universe and by extension the Multiverse is made allowing We the Collective of Perceiving Sentient Conscious Individuals that dimensional property which designed, created, maintains, and destroys vectors of our universe in the Great Architect that is beyond the scope of perception to otherwise arrogant Terran Human Sentient Consciousness.

The Big Bang & Big Crunch of Star Stuff
Hypothetical Probability: During the Universal or Planetary Recycling System: Order and Chaos are a vortex of Pluralistic Power Exchange that frequently pushes the current parameters of Natural and Social Laws of Science due to the Natural Dimensional Governing System known as Chaos Theory in the Butterfly Effect as the turbulent cycles of Bipolar Physical Scientific Laws and Schizophrenic Social Scientific Laws as these principles are States of Nature are in the Centrifuge of Chaos Creation-Destruction as Dimensional Properties are Polarized and the Consciousness of the Universe or Planet is experiencing Split-Mind Phenomenon in the Relativistic Area of Effect for the Centrifuge of Creation-Destruction of Dimensional Properties are Revolutionizing the Design of Dynamic Principles in innumerably insane variables and factors of Existential Problems to be solved through the equation of the Divine Solution.

The Trials and Tribulations of the Cosmological Causation are perceived and judged by Naturalistic Determinism as the Effect will result in the Existential Equation of the Divine Solution as the Pluralistic Dimensional Properties and Principles will bring the Novus Ordo Seclorum of the Relativistic Area of Effect of Dimensional Parameters affecting the level being contained to the Planetary or on a Universal scale.

The Principles and Properties of Order and Chaos are in their greatest states of exponential power in pluralistic exchange as the factors and variables between Order and Chaos are perpetually changing for the equation to the Divine Solution being solved in all Perceiving Conscious Individuals awakening in what is known as a Universal Enlightenment of Consciousness.

The natural order of our 11th Dimensional Universe complete with its temporal aspect coincides in the philosophies known as Eternalism (Time) and Eternal Recurrence (Dharmic) and the Schrodinger’s Box of Enigmas (Quantum Mechanics). Existing individuals that experience this event may collectively share past memories of the old Universe despite transitioning into an alternative greater or equal electromagnetic force of the Matrices of the Dimensional Many-Worlds that experiences Espers as Butterflies Effect of Chaos Theory.

Zenarchism: The practical application of asserting one’s will to create a collective paradigm shift that will incite a Quantum Flux of the Ideal Self and the Ideal Society. Zenarchists are the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory. What in application is the electromagnetic and gravitational force of nature of the Zen Artisan to Zen Archon as the necessity of change and adaptation by one’s volition and action to bring humanity closer to the Zeitgeist of Zen or Ideal Society found in relativistic distances or universally as Zenarchist aspire to be applied scientific Chaos Theorists in progressing and stabilizing human progression.

Revolution means change. Evolution means adaptation. Chaos Theorist of Zenarchism wish for a Revolution of Consciousness and Spiritual Evolution of Humanity and our Societies so we may all become the Ideal Selves of our Ideal Society. Why destroy a system when one can instead of fix one that is broken through drastic modifications of evolutionary change then bring life, liberty, enlightenment, and the pursuit of individualistic ideals of prosperity to oneself.

This is the adaptation to change as causality brought by Chaos Theorist will have through will be the equilibrium of a Zen Archon of enlightened autonomy as a citizen who is always becoming greater as a human being in society by using the theorem of Chaos Theory in the equation of existence to Solve all Human Problems via the Divine Solution.

Zenarchism: Alarmism (Eternally Remain Calm)
As animals sense natural catastrophes, so may humans unconsciously, both by our instinctual/intuitive nature. This would manifest among Perceiving Conscious Individuals as the natural laws of Law and Order manifest as a dichotomous war between Anarchy/Liberty and Fascism/Tyranny in the Perceiving Conscious Individuals that awakens the Windows of Consciousness among Perceiving Conscious Individuals causing discrepancies in time-space properties (dimensional).

In the cosmological causation and effect of our Universe in relations to our existential experience would manifest this Order and Chaos dichotomous split and polarization.

Zenarchism: Homo Esper in the Quantum Spiritual Revolution
Universe or Planetary Recycling Process will awaken Extraordinary Perceiving Conscious Individuals into a state of extrasensory and even extradimensional abilities in the stages of awakening, awareness, and enlightenment as existential experiences of Perceiving Conscious Individuals will self-actualize then self-transcend the normal Universal Consciousness among their Species in exponential growth to manifest in existence as Quantum Consciousness Espers.

The Evolution of Quantum Consciousness Espers will be or are a minority among Perceiving Conscious Individuals. Quantum Conscious Espers are able to tap into the Quantum Mind enabling their volition to affect the Physical-Metaphysical Universe via the Willpower of wielding Quantum Conscious Energy naturally granted by naturalistic/spiritual selection in the Quantum Multiverse. Quantum Conscious Espers may be able to tap into Perceiving Conscious Individuals around them.

Espers become aware of discrepancies throughout the Consensus of Collective Consciousness for Espers are aware of alternative realities, perceptions, dimensions for Espers are Multidimensional in design.

Hypothesis of Terra Firma, Theory of the Many-Worlds
Homo Espers 
exist to reveal certain precognitive information about the world as I, Zen van Nihil have informed the world this, my followers call themselves Zenarchists and we practice Zenarchism during the Universal Recycling System or Planetary Recycling System which is a Universal Big Crunch or Planetary Climate Change which in spiritual philosophy of Zenarchism is Zenarchy.

I have proven myself to be an excellent Expert Analyst as a Futurologist, Alarmist, and Mentalist for individuals, groups by arbitrary social labels in demographics, political outcomes, economic trade, and geopolitics. Zenarchism has been and always will be a spiritual philosophy of silence except in the transference of data and information via the Quantum Mind.


Zero Point Electromagnetic Energy Exists.
It can power machines, neutralize electronics, heat materials, broadcast, hologram hallucinogenic waves, broadcast consciousness, numb consciousness, liberate consciousness, and expand the perception of reality that we know as subjective or objective consciousness.

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