15 Major Realizations We All Have As We Wake Up9 min read


If you are reading this, then you are constantly & continually going through a state of becoming more conscious, or as we like to say, Waking Up.

This means you are becoming more conscious of your true nature, your connection to the Universe, the alignment within yourself, and are looking at the World through a new and fresh lens of wisdom. Things that we individually and socially accepted as normal come into question, and we start to see things in a new light.

We look at the problems of the World with empathy, and, if you are like me, almost feel an urgent sense of desperation to find natural solutions for these major issues and challenges. Whether it’s decoding the ancient World, finding the science in spirituality or creating a new relationship with yourself, there tends to be phases of awakening that we all go through.

This means that there seems to be a pattern of conclusions we all reach on the path about how we view and interact with the World, and here are some major Realizations associated with those conclusions.

1) Understanding the Unified Field of Oneness

May be you have experienced it firsthand, or maybe you have simply read about the remarkable stories of someone coming into close interaction with the infinite field of Oneness.

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Basically, it works like this: We live in a Unified field of energy in which everything is connected, and current physics is proving this Spiritual theory. Some say it’s not just that everything is connected, it’s that the Universe is actually created and made of one single holographic particle making up all of Creation everywhere, including us. Many have experiences of dissolving their inner-egoic separation and having the blissful pleasure of fully letting go into this fabric of Oneness and then come back from these experiences only to realize they aren’t the only ones.

2)  Unveiling the Powerful Healing Properties of Psychedelic Medicines & Plants Including Ayahuasca

This one should be no surprise, the World of Ayahuasca and Psychedelics has gotten a lot of mainstream exposure, especially in the last year, even on major news syndicates.

These plants and mushrooms contain psychoactive chemicals that alter your brain chemistry, thus affecting your emotions and eliciting all sorts of transcendental experiences, many of which are massively healing for the user, some of which are also mildly traumatic. Many have also taken it upon themselves to try out these plants themselves, seeking deeper meaning and answers and have found deep Solace with the plant tribes.

3) Discovering the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

This powerful totem is as ancient as time itself, appearing on the walls of ancient temples all over the World. Thought leaders like Drunvalo Melchizedek and Nassim Haramein have avidly worked to bring their research of the Flower of Life to the mainstream.

Why is this symbol so important? Why are we seeing it pop up everywhere? Well, it’s a mathematical perfect theory for how everything is connected and gives us a practical blueprint for us to create our lives and World.

4) Realizing the Power of Divine Masculinity & Femininity

You may have noticed it’s not just about whether you are a boy or girl, man or woman, there is a deeper energy at work. Our masculinity and femininity are powerful forces, which are actually mirrored in the polar magnetism of nature.

Being a man or a woman is a gift and by acknowledging the divinity within, you can learn about how you can embody yourself as a divine male and female in the World.

5) Embracing the Idea of Conscious Sexuality

Sexuality isn’t simply two people procreating or engaging in a pleasurable activity without a deeper meaning. It’s literally a raw, vulnerable, powerful and even potentially transformative experience of two people connecting in their true nature and engaging each other physically.

Your senses can be portals to Divine Energy, and when we practice conscious sexuality, we make room for sex to become an enlightening experience. It also ensures we are honoring boundaries, and being very clear with our partners about what’s right for us and what’s right for them, which is so important in our crazy World. Honor sex and it will honor you.

6) Realizing Art is a Path to Enlightenment

Jose Arguelles really coined the phrase, “Time is Art.” Acknowledging that every moment we experience life is a moment to enrich ourselves as artists engaging with the precious material of the Universe to bring imagination into form.

Practicing art literally connects us to the higher-thought forms of reality, and gives us a path to translate them into a medium that resonates for us most, be it music, art, dance, writing, etc. Practice creating art and you may experience accelerated growth in your personal journey.

7) Determining You Can’t Work a Soul Sucking Job

You may have been told you need to go to College, get a degree and then apply for a job, so you can live a happy life, get married and have babies, or something like that.

All in all, you don’t want to have the Fight Club syndrome, where one day you wake up working a job you hate, surrounded by people you don’t like, only to purchase material goods you don’t need. Truly, that’s not living.

Find a career and life purpose that resonates with who you truly are, and commit to living a life doing what you love. You will be living your greatest service when you are doing what you naturally love to do, and that’s what life is all about, living.

8) You Prioritize Your Lifestyle, Health & Happiness First

That is, rather than new cars, preying on the opposite sex or the latest and greatest whatever. Your lifestyle is how you live and the style in which you live from your core-values. By designing your lifestyle you get to prioritize what truly matters to you.

It’s okay if you love new things, but make sure it’s coming from a balanced place and not because you have been indoctrinated by manipulative marketing techniques or are trying to keep up with others.

9) Spirituality Becomes the Foundation of Everything You Do

Once you catch the Spirituality bug, it’s got you and there is no going back. Once you pull back the curtain, you can never see the same way again.

With Spirituality as the foundation of your life, actions and movement in the World, we harmonize ourselves with nature and bring that deeper connection to every interaction we have in the World.

10) You Start Communicating with Nature & the Universe

As you experience your own awakening, you very likely will come to notice that the World we live in isn’t flat. A tree isn’t just a tree, a crystal isn’t just a crystal and that your thoughts in your mind aren’t just your own.

When we experience an expansion of our consciousness, we can begin creating communication pathways with the World within and around us, realizing we can have a conversation with the tree, pray with the crystal, and even develop deep conversation with our own bodies, not to mention directly interface with the intelligence of nature and the Universe.

11) Realizing Your DNA is Intelligent and Can be Activated

Contrary to pop-science belief your DNA isn’t 90%+ junk. It’s a hyper-intelligent programming tool made by nature to design us as biological beings, and it’s certainly intelligent.

By connecting with our DNA, communicating with it consciously, as well as doing DNA activation practices, Science is now proving we can dramatically affect our DNA. People have experienced miraculous healing and insights by communicating with their DNA.

12) Superfoods Can Transform Your Health

Superfoods are just that, super-charged foods packed with nutrition, and some with adaptogenic properties, neuro-enhancing properties and dramatically healing qualities that greatly affect our biology & neurology.

The advent of these Superfoods in our daily nutrition is a big step toward us experiencing higher-consciousness, as we source the pure, strong and powerful allies of nature, many of which we have been using for thousands of years and introduce them into our modern lives. They are major allies which offer a lot of support to our process of awakening.

13) You Realize You Play a Vital Role in the Universe and Can Help Change the World

From a physics perspective, you realize that every component of the Universe is absolutely vital to every other in order for it to function properly. This means that although we are humble humans in little bodies on a pale blue dot in space, we are still a vital component of the Universe and are here to serve a purpose.

Once we come to embrace our unique nature, the role we are here to play in the Universe is revealed, and thus by being who we truly are and finding the way we are called to give back through our contribution means we help change the World. Lots of little ripples make a big splash.

14) You Generate Your Own Energy


As we wake up, we come to embrace that we don’t just receive our energy from the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe. Deep down inside each of us is a burning furnace of power, which stores vital life-source energy called Qi or Prana.

Once we learn how to generate our own energy, we start to awaken to new layers of power within us. This power can give us the strength to pursue great feats, have profound endurance in our pursuits and give us at time almost Super Human like power where we need to direct it. As you start to generate your own energy, you become less dependent on outside sources, and simply use them as support and wood for the furnace within, but you are still the fire.

15) Realizing the Power of Your Own Alignment

Our Alignment is the internal core-energy system for which the entirety of our bodies, minds, emotions function, and this alignment literally informs the resonance that creates our reality. It’s our Spine, Chakra Column, and yet, so much more.

Understanding our alignment is an essential part for our awakening, meaning that we literally come to understand how to plug back into nature and Universal energy, and how to stay connected. We are all conduits, each with our own unique Truth. By aligning ourselves with our individual Truth, we raise our energetic baseline and completely transform our lives, ultimately leading to greater freedom, liberation and a brighter, better World.


About the author: Amateo Ra is the co-founder of Creator Course, an Online School for Conscious Living which is currently being built. For the last 4-years, he has been training with Global leaders in Spirituality, Channeling & Conscious Business.

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