Does Life Have a Purpose?3 min read


What do you think the purpose of life is? Does life really need to have a purpose? Couldn’t it be purposeless?

We are all looking for the meaning or purpose of life or the meaning of the universe, why are we looking for meaning in anything? Do we really need meaning? Do we crave it? Do we want it?

You don’t have to go on living if you don’t want to, you don’t have to do anything at all, but it’s a great idea if we can learn what the Chinese call “Purposelessness

In Chinese culture, they think nature is purposelessness. If we were to say that in our country, in our city, it would be a very disappointing thing to say, awful, it’s put down, no future in it.

But when Chinese hear the word purposelessness, they first thought is “great”, that’s a great thing. 

When the Chinese say that nature is purposelessness, it’s a huge compliment, it’s like watching wild geese fly in the cloud.

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Purposelessness is like watching a ship vanish behind a distant island, or wondering on and on in the forest with no thought of return. 

You just grab a stick and keep moving deeper into the forest with no particular purpose in mind.

It’s at that moment you’ve learned purposelessness.

 All Music it’s purposeless, is music getting somewhere? Going anywhere? If the aim of music was to get to a final bar, the best conductor would be the one who got there fastest. 

But music comes in so many different shapes, notes, sizes. It’s like the waves washing against the shore, it’s on and on as it always been and as it will forever will be, with no meaning.

That’s exactly the same with our own life, we think life has a purpose, like the birds in the trees, go “twee twee”, birds singing for no reason at all, what’s that all about? 

Everyone tries to guess “well maybe it’s mating, the purpose is to get their mates, attract them with the song”.

         “Engineering view of the universe”

Why do that? Is it “because they need to survive”? 

But why survive? What’s that for? “ Well….just to survive”

Survival is a very serious thing, awfully important, you have to keep on doing

When you dance, do you aim to arrive at a particular place on the floor? No… the aim of dancing is simply to dance.

So here’s a choice. Are you going to trust it or not?

           “I must trust myself to nature which doesn’t have a Boss”