How to Discover Your Spirit Animal?3 min read


You might have wondered or heard about your spirit animal, perhaps you didn’t know you can discover it yet.

But you can inner discover your spirit animal, you need to do what most people don’t these days. 

After some research, I have come up with my own ways to discover my spirit animal, after some close friends of mine tried it and it worked, I thought I’d make an article about it.

1. Spend more time outdoors.

You will need to identify your spirit animal yourself. So, you have to start forging a connection with nature.

 Start spending more time outdoors, go hiking, run, anything that you love and make you spend time outside the house.

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2. Observe the animals around you.

You need to become aware of all the animals that are around you in order to start becoming aware of your Spirit Animal.

3. Pay Attention to all Animals Appearing in Your Life.

Nothing is random but it sure looks like it is. Did any particular animals start appearing in your daily life? On your daily walks, books you read even on TV.

It is said that if a particular animal appears continuously in your daily life, it’s an indication that your totem is trying to contact you. Pay attention.

4. Pay Attention to the Animal’s Behavior Around You.

If animals are acting strange around you, pay attention and give attention to them. 

If a particular animal runs up to you and displays strange behavior it could be a strong indication of Your Spirit Animal trying to make a connection with you.

This might have already happened but you simply haven’t given any attention. We only see what we look for.

5. Pay close attention to Animals in Your Dreams.

Dreams are important, they talk to us in very different ways. Even your Spirit Animal could try and show up or connect with you through your dreams.

Look out for animals that repeatedly appear in your dreams, after you’ve woke up get a piece of paper and write down your dream. 

Otherwise, you will forget about it in less than 5 minutes.

6. Think about all the Animals You’ve Been Attracted To.

You can either fear or adore some animals, but either way, you’ve been attracted to them and feel something special about a specific animal.

That could reveal an unconscious connection with your Spirit Animal.

7. Try Meditation.

We don’t often meditate, but when we find the time and place meditation could get us closer to our spirit animal.

It is said that they often reveal themselves to the subconscious mind during meditation.

8. Keep a Journal.

Record everything we’ve been talking about so far. Your dreams, your meditation sessions, and the animals getting close to you.

Look for patterns that will help you identify what your Spirit Animal is.

Keep in mind and write down These 20 types of Spirit Animals.

Wolf (freedom, intelligence)

Turtle (persistence and determination)

Tiger (aggression and willpower)

Spider (receptivity and creativity)

Snaked (transformation and healing)

Sheep (innocence and vulnerability)

Rabbit (vulnerability and abundance)

Own (intuition and wisdom)

Lion (courage and strength)

Hummingbird (playfulness and positivity)

Horse (passion and freedom)

Hawk (leadership and focus)

Frog (renewal and rebirth)

Fox (awareness and agility)

Dragonfly (adaptability and transformation)

Deer (gentleness and transformation)

Crow (intelligence and vision)

Coyote (adaptability and playfulness)

Cat (curiosity and independence)

Butterfly (personal transformation)Bear (confidence and strength)