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One of the most important things people need to grasp and understand is that their instinct is more powerful than they are let know it is. This is our message to share. Always Trust Your Self.

All the schools and universities are trying to teach creativity, that’s the great thing these days, everyone is teaching creativity. All sorts of people are giving courses, classes, and workshops in creativity. We aren’t saying there’s something wrong with that, but people need to realize a small minor detail in this.

There’s a small problem that creativity has gotten so mainstream.

If we found out a method whereby, we could teach creativity and if everyone could just simply explain how creativity is done, it would no longer be of any interest.

What and Always is an essential element in the Mysterious.

There’s a poem that says “When the Bird Calls, The Mountain Becomes More Mysterious”. Imagine for example you are deep in the mountains, and there’s dead silence in them, and suddenly a crow, or a bird “Squawks” somewhere, without know where the bird is.

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         And that sound emphasizes the silence, the silence becomes

         Deeper and deeper. This experience that was created in the 

     Mountain is the expression “Yugen

Yugen is a quality which the poet “Swami” said that “Yugen is to watch wild geese fly and be hidden in the clouds”

Being in the woods while hearing a bird squawk or just watching the wild geese fly, or watching a ship sail in the distance. All these things have in them an element of Mystery.

There’s this funny idea about the “Deep and the Dark”. The things that is important just because you can’t understand it.

Some people make it sound rather hopeless. “If you can’t tell us how it’s done, what’s the use of it?”

And that’s because we have insufficient trust in our self.

We think that we will never be able to do certain things unless we have instructions.

That’s just simply not the case, otherwise, how would we learn and evolve? Trust yourself, and your instinct, don’t let people boss you around and don’t let anyone tell you that you Can’t do something you know you can.

Be creative, Be You, Be Unique, Be Yourself.
-Source- Allan Watts – Wiara

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