Memories Travel through Generations, Scientists Confirm2 min read


You have probably wondered if it’s possible for some memories and experiences to be transmitted from your ancestors to you with the help of your genes. Well, we finally have a study that is promising to answer some of your questions.

Scientists from the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta carried out a study where they explored if there is a possibility that some information can be transmitted into our DNA.

They conducted their research on mice, and realized that some information and experiences can be passed on. For example, the mice were visibly disturbed when exposed to the smell of cherry blossom.

Dr. Brian Dias is a scientist from the department of psychiatry at the Emory University and explains that certain experiences and information from the parent before their descendants were even conceived, can have an influence on the nervous system of the new generations.

He claimed that this theory can lead to increased risk of transmitted disorders such as anxiety and phobia.

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Apparently, the information and data from the brain are transmitted into the genome which leads to passing it to the future generations. The real research revolves around the question of how this data is stored in the DNA.

The pediatric geneticist at the University College London, Professor Marcus Pemrey explained that this research can prove that the memory can be biologically transmitted with the help of our genes.

He also explained that this can be highly connected to anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, and certain phobias. As a result, this sensitive research needs to be completely examined and approached because it can change numerous theories related to the science field.

The head of epigenetics at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, Professor Wolf Reik also explained that this subject needs to be explored immediately. Revelations like this one shouldn’t be put aside because they are a big encouragement and can prove that the transgenerational inheritance can actually happen.

Hopefully, this subject will be explored with huge caution and certain details will be provided additionally. It can be a huge turnaround for the whole scientific field and will probably open some new possibilities for scientists to play with.

It is uncertain whether the DNA can be a transmitter of memories and experiences, but it sure sounds promising, right?

After all, people like to wonder and scientists are crazy about breakthroughs. With thousands of questions about our DNA and ancestors, we might finally be dignified with an answer that actually makes sense.