15 Miracles that Already Happened to You2 min read

Everything that is happening and will happen is due to the fact that you took the road chosen for you, and decided to make things work in your favor. Your reality and beliefs are created with the help of the Law of Attraction.

Everything that happened in your life is your responsibility. Every person, situation, and occurrence happened because of you and your actions.

From time to time, disappointing things will happen and these might even steer you away from your original goal. However, as the boss of your own life, you are in charge of what is happening to you and the manner in which you attract positivity.

You have built yourself as a person through certain beliefs and thoughts and you have every right to always find ways to realize them.

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Let’s look at the 15 things that have already transformed your life and made a huge positive impact, showing you the road to success. All these are a direct result of the effective Law of Attraction, and there is no shame in feeling proud or excited about everything you have achieved.

Learn to appreciate these and try to show gratitude towards the Universe:

  1. Thousands of sunny days that you have seen

  2. Every time you made someone smile

  3. The joy of looking at a wonderful sunset

  4. The stars at night

  5. Every time when you just couldn’t stop laughing

  6. Every time you have been kind to someone

  7. Every song that warmed your heart

  8. Everything you have learned in your life so far

  9. Numerous of kinds of food that you have tried and amazed you

  10. Every time someone told you “I love you!”

  11. Those good night sleepovers

  12. That warm feeling when you see a baby

  13. Every time you have received a hug

  14. The bond you have with your friends

  15. The love from your whole family

All these are clear pointers which demonstrate just how thoughtful and effective the universe is. There is no reason to force things or let yourself down, thinking you never achieved anything great in your lifetime.

Make sure you remind yourself of what your worth is and analyze each negative situation, in efforts to find a silver lining. Life’s lessons are precious and its miracles are even better.

Ultimately, it is necessary you understand that you are a loving creature who has a lot to be grateful for.

Look around you and embrace the fact that you are worthy of happiness.


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I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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