Reborn Together3 min read


By Michael Pinello

Throughout time, there has been a multitude of faces behind the idea that we are all one. All these people are scattered along the human timeline providing an important basis for coming together. The collective movement towards togetherness and love is only just beginning to pierce through the veil of separation and it is vital that we all come together for the shared purpose of love and compassion for all creation. For too long, we have been pushed into separation with the use of borders, media, and manipulation. Our job is to protect this sacred land, spread our message of love, and to dissolve these imaginary boundaries that conceal our innate spirituality and divine power.

This movement acts as a doorway to the stars, unraveling the cosmic debris that inhabits our human brains produces a power unmatched by any other force. This power is our divine nature presenting itself. I stress to you that the wave of change simply cannot just HAPPEN! It starts from within each of us, and when we begin to turn inward, the divine template for humanity is revealed. We begin to see that this almighty wave of love and light is made up individuals. We, as individuals are infinitely powerful, but when we mesh our paths with others who share our message, the individual purpose becomes a collective understanding.

The spiritual journey is highly individualistic, but without a focus on converging into one, we are surely going to have a tougher time embarking on it. There are some steps that I have been taking in my own life to develop myself and develop my connection to the cosmic puzzle. Through introversion, messages are revealed to us about our true nature, a calling to protect and better understand the cosmos as a whole. This is not to say that everyone has to meditate the same, I use drawing, painting, and music to aid in my spiritual practice. My advice is to just do whatever feels right, trust your intuition, and flow with the natural plan the universe has always had in store for you. Hard work is also a vital piece to achieving even your biggest goals and aspirations. If the journey was easy, the payoff wouldn’t exist in its divine state. Our end goal is the same however; we are all just guiding each other back to the stars.

We are the creators, we hold the balance of the universe in our bodies, and we need to develop our spiritual strength in preparation for a new era of man. Anyone who is struggling getting started, or that just needs someone to share ideas and experiences with should go out and make those connections. Connecting with each other is what we are called here to do; this is OUR journey, OUR planet, and OUR universe. I am always here for each of you, and as I call out to you to raise your vibration, I am also calling for help. Always remember, I need all of you more now than ever before. I love you all to the end of time, much love and light to you and your families. Thanks for listening, and always reach out to your fellow humans.