Healing Through Lucid Dreaming

Every time we fall asleep, something mysterious happens within our minds, our bodies, and souls. We dream. As our tired heads lay on our downy pillows, the characters we call “I” and “me” are transported through the tunnels of our conscious minds and are tossed into a sphere of perfect… Continue reading

Quantum entanglement and celestial connection

By Yogesh Shivhare Quantum entanglement and celestial connection Quantum entanglement is when two particles act together in an entangled system. This means that they behave like one object even though they are physically apart. It suggests that space is just the construct that gives the illusion that there are separate… Continue reading

Shifting Towards Higher Consciousness

By: Michael Pinello We are at such a vital point of the human evolutionary timeline here in 2014. We are literally beginning to see a massive transformation on the planet that is dissolving our old ways of thinking and being into a pure state of constant flowing change. Many of… Continue reading

Reborn Together

By Michael Pinello Throughout time, there has been a multitude of faces behind the idea that we are all one. All these people are scattered along the human timeline providing an important basis for coming together. The collective movement towards togetherness and love is only just beginning to pierce through… Continue reading

Our Divine, Psychedelic Nature

By Michael Pinello Creation of all things follows an extremely complex, never ending math equation that expands outward. As our evolutionary timeline progresses over time, aspects of ourselves and the universe around us get increasingly more complex. We are a creation based species, and every aspect of our existence is… Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming


    Lucid dreaming is the experience of achieving conscious awareness of dreaming while still asleep. A study was published in the peer reviewed PubMed journal showed that lucid dreaming has unusual measurable changes in electrophysiology. The brainwave activity throughout the 20 participants demonstrated that lucid dreaming constitutes a hybrid… Continue reading

Expanding Thought Inward and Outward: A Life-long Journey Home


This existence is but a temporary means to turn our dreams into physical manifestations. The first step to realizing our true power as human beings is to acknowledge the connection between our physical self and our inner divinity. We must never forget that where we came from and where we… Continue reading

What Are Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal Messages

What are subliminal messages? A subliminal message is any piece of information which we receive without us consciously perceiving it. This information can come in any format; from video, to images, and of course, subliminal audio. You can make an audio message subliminal in a few different ways, but the… Continue reading