Talking With The Trees

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Through direct experience, I have come to realize that everything is doing what it should be doing. Planet Earth seems to be something like a lower realm. Some would venture to call it one of the Hell realms. I say this because there is a LOT of horrible things that… Continue reading

Shifting Towards Higher Consciousness

By: Michael Pinello We are at such a vital point of the human evolutionary timeline here in 2014. We are literally beginning to see a massive transformation on the planet that is dissolving our old ways of thinking and being into a pure state of constant flowing change. Many of… Continue reading

Reborn Together

By Michael Pinello Throughout time, there has been a multitude of faces behind the idea that we are all one. All these people are scattered along the human timeline providing an important basis for coming together. The collective movement towards togetherness and love is only just beginning to pierce through… Continue reading