Shifting Towards Higher Consciousness2 min read


By: Michael Pinello

We are at such a vital point of the human evolutionary timeline here in 2014. We are literally beginning to see a massive transformation on the planet that is dissolving our old ways of thinking and being into a pure state of constant flowing change.

Many of you out there are about to embark on a spiritual journey that will carry you to the stars and back multiple times during this life. As for those of you who are riding the wave of change with me already, you might be having some trouble attempting to cope with this shift in consciousness. Don’t fret, I am here for you.

Over the past few months, I have dedicated myself to meditation and my individual spiritual practice. It is important to remember that everyone on the entire planet is experiencing a very different journey through their own perceptions of reality. On a collective consciousness, however, we all are on more or less the same page with the natural order of the planet as well as all of creation.

Delving further and further into my psyche through meditative states and plant medicines has taught me more about myself than I ever knew existed. As we shift our perceptions toward higher vibrational frequencies, our physical bodies start to evolve. This process is sometimes known as the ascension process, and it can have many side effects that can interfere with everyday life.

Here are some side effects that I have been working to overcome through meditation.

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  1. Ringing and different tones and sounds playing in your ears.
  2. Hot flashes and drastic temperature changes in the body.The body heats up as part of the process, so sweating will be more frequent at random for some.
  3. Altered sleep patterns: trouble falling asleep, waking up late at night (around 3 am). Sometimes you might wake up and feel like you cannot move your body. This happens when you are in deep sleep to keep the body subdued. I sometimes wake up and can’t move for around ten minutes max, or I just fall back to sleep.
  4. A buzzing sensation in the forehead.The Pineal gland is being worked out, and your third eye is waking up. This sensation might happen frequently, but it feels great so keep going.

There are many more symptoms I have been experiencing and I welcome any and all questions and discussion. Sometimes it can be hard to cope with this intense and psychedelic evolutionary process, so be patient and keep love in your heart and on your mind. Much love to you people, thanks for listening.