Scientific Study Shows Gratitude Treats Heart Failure3 min read


By Amateo Ra| A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association puts those suffering with asymptomatic heart failure from heart attacks to a spiritual test. What would happen if people with heart problems starting practicing gratitude?  The results were astonishing…

The study was conducted with 186 people, all of whom had previously suffered from a heart attack in their lives. They were asked to keep a gratitude journal, and simply practice being grateful for life each day.

Their results were measured against those who were experiencing more depressive states, fatigue, greater inflammation and other indicators.

The Results

Amazingly, the study found that giving thanks & practicing gratitude for the positive aspects of life can result in improved mental, and ultimately physical health for these patients. They also discovered higher gratitude scores correlated to having a higher quality of sleep, more confidence in completing one’s goals and tasks, and even less overall inflammation.

“We found that more gratitude in these patients was associated with better mood, better sleep, less fatigue and lower levels of inflammatory biomarkers related to cardiac health,” said lead author Paul J. Mills, PhD, professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego.

The study documented that gratitude was one of the greatest tools of those practicing Spirituality when it came to measurable results.

They concluded that gratitude itself is enough to help those who have suffered a heart attack reduce the risk of continued heart failure:

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“We found that those patients who kept gratitude journals for those eight weeks showed reductions in circulating levels of several important inflammatory biomarkers, as well as an increase in heart rate variability while they wrote. Improved heart rate variability is considered a measure of reduced cardiac risk,” said Mills.

We’ve all known gratitude to be a supportive tool when it comes to feeling a sense of connection and overall well-being. If you’ve ever kept a gratitude journal every day for a couple weeks on end, then you have very likely first hand seen the noticeable improvements in your life.

To be grateful is to appreciate things in life, especially putting a focus on life’s positive aspects. In the studies of positive psychology, it’s been proven that focusing on “what’s working for you,” rather than “what’s working against you,” greatly improves cognitive function, mood and the ability to see opportunity and ultimately, go after it.

Up until recently, gratitude has been dismissed as being unimportant to physical health.  But we not have the proof in place that spirituality and gratitude can improve heart health:

“It seems that a more grateful heart is indeed a more healthy heart, and that gratitude journaling is an easy way to support cardiac health.”

Spirituality is now establishing itself as a sound-treatment for many conditions, and studies like this one provide substantial proof and certifiable evidence for what many have shared for ages. A grateful & spiritual life isn’t  just good for the soul, it’s good for your heart, both literally and figuratively.

About the author: Amateo Ra is a Conscious Entrepreneur & Business Coach, supporting others build thriving brands & products to support humanity ascend to higher levels of existence. Amateo is also the founder of Creator Course, an Online School & Publisher for Conscious Living which is currently being built.


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