Secret Behind the Last Words of a Dying Man3 min read


This is a fascinating story with high morale and something we can all learn from. We love life lessons; we love to grow as a person, to connect and communicate. I hope we all learn something. 

An older man was on his death bed, surrounded by his family.  

As he was about to breathe his last breath, barely able to speak, he softly started mumbling “Lemon, Lemon, Lemon.” 

Everybody around him, was confused, what did he mean by this? Was he asking for lemons? Even if it was, what would he do with lemons now? 

As all of them were trying to make some sense of what was happening, the man passed away. The family member performed his final right, and to honor his last words; they even gave lots of lemons in charity. 

A couple of months later, all the family members came together and mutually agreed to sell the house and property that the dead man left behind to a builder. 

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The builder to whom the property was sold, pulled the house down with the desire to build a high rise building on that same property. 

One day as the builder’s man was digging, under the ground, they found a massive treasure chest, with vast amounts of gold, diamonds, and precious jewels. 

One of the neighbors who were living in the area took note of this, and he noted the family of the dead man. 

When the family came to meet the builder to claim the treasure chest that was found in the old property, the builder denied giving them the treasure chest, saying that once the property was purchased, what would come along with the property was his. 

The family even took the builder to court, but the court rules in favor of the builder. 

One day, suddenly, the grandson of the dead man, made a connection. At the very spot where the treasure chest was found in the court-yard, used to exist a lemon tree. 

“Oh, was that what grandpa was trying to communicate “lemon, lemon, lemon.” 

Right under that lemon tree was hidden this treasure chest.

The family members walked around there, the grandson was playing all the time right under the lemon-tree, several times, and all of them had missed the treasure hidden right underneath the ground that they were walking on.  

There is a treasure, hidden, deep within each and every single one of us. We are all gifted with something very special, something very unique, deep within us. 

Out of the almost 8 billion people on this planet, no one can be you. 

You are you; do not try to be someone else, be yourself, dig deep within yourself. Dig out the dirt of complacency. 

Dig out and pull out the dirt of lethargy, dig out Self-Doubt. Dig out the dirt of conformism, to social standards of success.  

Discover that treasure deep within you that you are gifted and blessed with. 

And when the self-discovery happens, not only will you be super effective, but you will find deep satisfaction within the core of your heart. 

Next time you see lemons, remember that you have to begin the journey of self-discovery. Even if it’s late, it is never too late.