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This article will help you understand how you can change your beliefs and accomplish your goals. It will also help you understand how you can create new habits easily.

How can you be consistent long enough to form a new habit?

       What you first need to do is use intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

       You have to ask “Why is it important for you to be able to develop this new belief? What would your life look like if you had them  already, right now?”

What you need is a Benefit that is greater than the Switch Cost. The switch cost is something that our brain resists. The only human that likes “Change” is a wet baby.

Everyone else is resistant to it because “safety first in homeostasis and energy conservation”, you resist changing yourself because biologically you want to preserve your energy. So we are biologically wired not to want to change!

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We have to learn how to “Coax” the brain deliberately, into “Motivational reasons, Emotional reasons and also intrinsic reason (Why must I do this?)

You can also use pain as a reference as-well. Think about it, are you ok with your life being like it is today in 5 years? 10 or 20 years from now?

 If you are, then you’re not a candidate for change and can simply stop reading this article, but if you’re not, keep reading it.

If you are committed to let go of the old, so you can create room for the new, and you create motivations every day. Remember, it’s important to make progress, not perfection. 

Everybody can start with 1 minute or less. If you can start to formulate a habit, for example, a daily habit, or weekly habit, it really doesn’t matter how long it is.

It’s important to make room for it, to create that space in your brain that “On this particular day at this particular time, I DO THIS”. If you do that repeatedly, that becomes a habit.

It takes about 66 days or so for a simple habit that you have to consciously do, to then the habit being part of you, becoming you.

 That’s why there’s the saying “We are all creatures of habit”

After you’ve created a habit, they start running themselves, they become you. Habits are subconscious programs that just go on auto-mode after a while.

Most people don’t realize or become aware of their habits. Have you ever asked yourself “What are my empowering habits?” or “What are my disempowering habits?”

If you can ask yourself those questions, the next is going to be “How do I strengthen this one? Or Create a new whole one?” What you need to look for is building empowering habits and letting go of the disempowering ones.

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