5 Most Important Signs that you are an Indigo Child!!!3 min read

Are you an Old Soul? Do you feel the urge to change things? Change the world? Society? You are likely an indigo child.

What is an Indigo Child? 

An indigo child also referred to as “Crystal or star child “ is a person with a great destiny, with the urge to create and change things, to spiritually awaken humanity.

As an indigo child, you are most likely an old soul, usually  

Finding it hard to fit in, to be accepted by the mainstream society, you are usually the “ Black sheep “ the one medicated and misdiagnosed as from a young age you feel different, seeing thru the illusion that is presented to you, the lies and half-truth and falsehood of society, teachers, parents, and friends.

5 Signs you are an Indigo Child

You are An Old Soul

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You have a different and more in-depth spiritual and philosophical outlook on life, you feel as if you have lived before many lifetimes, possess old wisdom that others don’t have and don’t understand, as a child you may have behaved like an old adult.

You are a nonconformist

You prefer to find yourself, your path, your truth and don’t let anyone control your life or let them tell you what to do with it, you take full control of everything.

As a child or teenager, you have been considered “obnoxious” or “naughty” “disobedient” and “contrarian”, you have been all those things because, for them, you are different.

You feel the desire to change the world

You feel a driving force inside of you to create, to change something rotten into something positive, change the world, you always felt like a changer, not a sheep.

You have a strong sense of purpose because you are destined for great things, always aligned with your inner sense, soul-based decisions.

 You are compassionate and empathetic

You care about the planet, nature, animals and other people that are hurt or being hurt, you feel a deep sense of sorrow when you see violence, destruction, cruelty, and corruption.

Having high levels of empathy, it’s having some down-sides with it struggling with anxiety and depression.

You are very highly creative.

You love creating something out of nothing, you love to cultivate things, admire them and express yourself through art and creativity. 

This highly creative mind can take many forms such as painting, crafting, building, dancing, singing, planting, growing.

You are a nonconformist and always have been, your brain loves to connect through creativity.

Those are the 5 most important Signs but there are more.

Here are a few:

You prefer spirituality over religion

You are mostly a loner personality

You are idealistic

You are spiritually gifted such as clairvoyance

Proud intelligent person

You have a tendency towards addictions to feel numb

If you feel and have discovered that you are an indigo child, here are some tips that will help you in the future.

Practicing meditation every day

Holotropic breathing

Accepting your emotions

Spend time in nature

Disconnect regularly from society


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