5 Reasons Why You Have Hit a Plateau in Spiritual Growth5 min read

The thing about spirituality is that you never stop growing and learning as a person, there is much to learn, accept, and to inner acknowledge that it’s impossible to have an end to it.  

Yet so many people are hitting a plateau in spiritual growth, and there can be thousands of reasons why. Perhaps not finding good content you enjoy reading or listening to, finding your style of content is essential.  

I am creating this content easy to read, as I would love to, and easy to understand without going much into scientific evidence and get lost in the details as we are all in the same page, there’s no need to bring science into it sometimes.  

Spirituality and spiritual growth is something we feel, we understand, and we accept.  

Finding spirituality has already made you a better and wiser person, perusing it is harder; meditation is sometimes complicated but straightforward.  

And sometimes we get overwhelmed with our life problems that we completely forget about our spiritual journey, about our inner growth and peace, sometimes it just happens, we cannot blame anyone or judge anyone, we understand everyone and their points of view.  

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With that said let’s look at seven reasons why we hit a plateau in our spiritual growth:  

1. There’s still remnants of outmoded ideas and thinking patterns working against you  

Be compassionate with yourself, recognize you have regressed, and acknowledge why. It is essential to reflect on our past actions to understand us better, to figure out.  

Do not dwell too much on the past and your mistakes, reflect for a while, then forgive yourself for anything you’ve done and pursue your spiritual path once more.  

It is essential not to get stocked on something specific, but always moving on, we are walking on a long infinite alley of spiritual growth. 

We cannot stop for too long in one place, or we are going to miss the unknown areas of the alley.  

2. Settling for mediocrity  

Your spirit will stop progressing if you accept the status quo. It’s a silent way of welcoming negativity and drama into your life.  

All things in the universe connect, so what you accept you draw to you in abundance.  

Sometimes without realizing we find ourselves in a situation we do not want to be in, we find our self-thinking harmful and stuck in the loop.   

Wake-up, refresh yourself, your thinking, get on with what happened and come back to your usual self, think positive, start learning new things, and find your spiritual path once more.  

3.Your Emotions are Your Monsters.  

Accept that you cannot control all situations. You cannot control the world.   

You can control you and how you react alone. Forgive. It gives you the freedom you need to take back your power and move on and forward with spiritual growth.  

Don’t let negative emotions drawn you, and remember that the things we cannot control in our lives are destined to be, regardless of how bad, they happened for a reason, to set us on a different – better path in our future.  

4.You Embrace downward comparisons.  

What you do to others you do to yourself. What others do to you, they do to themselves.  

So is the interweaving of humanity. We are a species woven together on a spiritual level. We will not grow if we continue to cut the cords connecting us all.  

All the planet is connected on a spiritual level that is continuously changing, as we often change as we grow in spirit, be kind, forgive others and yourself, it is the only way to find inner peace and boost yourself spiritually.  

5. You allow the past to define your present and future.  

As we have stated before, the past has its place, and that’s in the past. Yes, we all have a story that we can share about who we are and how we got here.  

Share it once with a close one so you can let it go, don’t keep it inside of you forever, it will eat you from the inside. Let It go.  

Embrace the future with as much joy as you can invoke. It is your future; you have only one. Your destiny is your sum of choices and the work of the universe (the things you have no control or a decision in), that’s who we are, but we can decide to dwell in the past, or look for a better future.  

 Nobody is destined to dwell forever; that is a choice we make and live with day by day, perhaps because we feel the need to punish ourselves or any other reason, remember that that’s your choice.  

It is time to move on, to let it go, as hard as it may be. We only speak from experience, and we want and love to help others find their way back to a spiritual path.   


About Darius Copac

I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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