5 Gifts You Gain from Embracing Conscious Awareness4 min read

Couscous awareness or (Spiritual Awakening) can help us in many different ways, as we become conscious it feels rational and logical at one point to be so, there’s no way back, but we were once different.  

Without even realizing that we see people in a different light, caught up in their daily life living like robots without even knowing they do, maybe that’s how we once were too.  

But as you become more and more conscious of your surroundings, of your-self, about the universe and energy’s / aura’s surrounding you at all times, you see things in a different light.  

Here are at least five things you gain from embracing your conscious awareness: 

1. You Recognize the types of thoughts that zap your time.  

If you are doing tasks or chores “on automatic pilot,” your thoughts and focus are not on the task you are performing, but elsewhere.  

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While you are conscious, you might daydream about things in your life that can happen or that have already happened.  

Your mind is in a Zen state while your body does “what needs to be done” around the house, “washing dishes, cleaning, etc.”.   

In this state of mind, you usually figure out solutions to problems you couldn’t find answers to, be aware of it and use it for your advantage; not many people access this state of calmness.  

2. You spend less Time daydreaming and more time “being” and “doing.”  

When you are alert, you are cautious, vigilant, and on top of your game. You are living and breathing at the moment, not escaping the present through various imaginative outlets your mind might present.  

As you are more aware and focused on your surroundings, you can solve problems different than anyone else who is not at this level of conscious awareness.  

3. Conscious alertness allows you to experience life.  

Being alert is more than just being awake. When you are alert, you can turn the mind inwards to focus the inner reality.  

You become more aware of your emotions, thoughts, and physical body. You bring your focus on the here and now.  

As you reach this level of consciousness, your mind and body create a connection called “the mind-body connection,” your account is listening to your body and your body to your brain.  

4. You stop trying to control everything in your life.  

Accept the moment you are experiencing. One of the gifts of conscious alertness is the ability to let go of control.  

In turn, you release stress, tension, and anxiety. As the pressure of control is no longer always present, you are relaxed and released.  

As you are aware of this, you feel an inner peace inside of you that you love feeling, at this level there’s no turning back, you crave and desire the inner peace you are feeling, you always seek it and will always have it.  

5. You free your mind from the chains that bind it to old dogma and misconceptions.  

Instead of reacting to situations based on patterns you have formed in your thinking, you can enter a situation with a level head.  

You will then react to the situation at hand instead of allowing old emotional patterns getting in the way.  

In simpler words, you see things for what they are, and you have stopped overreacting to anything and everything.  

As you embrace the state of conscious alertness in your life, you will notice it transforms your entire existence.  

Your ego will not control you or the old you back any longer. You can still yourself in peaceful silence and experience.  

At this level, it’s easy to meditate if you are not meditating yet; 10-15 minutes a day, it’s a great start. Close your internet, eyes, and distractions around you, set the alarm in 20 minutes, so you don’t have to check the clock.  

Start meditating, and your level of conscious awareness will grow, never stop learning, always seek knowledge, so you evolve deeper and deeper in your consciousness. 


About Darius Copac

I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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