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1. Your body is a Physical Vessel, but you are more than the vessel  

You choose this life, this physical vessel you are in now, and the journey you are taking.  

Because you’ve made life choices before birth, the part of your souls has made those decisions that we cannot remember; we are here to learn specific life lessons and to serve as a catalyst to a greater good in the lives of others.  

Be kind, be gentle, not with everyone or people who don’t deserve it, if you stay around them, they affect your Energy and vibration in a very negative way, but love your closed ones, be kind to the people who love you and appreciate them, they mean more than anything.  

2. You are an Eternal Being.  

Your Soul is immortal. Since the divine is within you, experiencing every experience through you, you do not die; our Soul never dies, only the vessel does.  

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You keep a close connection with the universe by living and experiencing life.  

You do not fade from existence when death takes the physical vessel away.  

With each new incarnation, you become wiser; we are one as a collective consciousness; we have all lived each-others lives.  

3. All things are Energy, and Energy never Dies  

All things are a form of Energy. The solid matter has a slow vibration.  

Spirit has a high vibration. All things have a distinct frequency.  

All things in the physical realm have a consciousness, including trees, animals, and inanimate objects.  

All things are part of one divine tapestry; some call this tapestry the tree of life.  

4. Your Intentions are Powerful tools for Creation  

You control reality in a way. Your intentions and the things you think are something you bring into manifestation.  

Being clear on your thoughts is the first step in gaining control of your reality.  

An awareness of your thoughts is critical because what you think you will not only create but drawn to you.  

Try to be more positive and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and always make a great affirmation about yourself.  

5. You are here because you chose to be here.  

Spirits and guides will help us in this lifetime, but you are here now because you chose to be here.  

You are a volunteer who has come from the universe or the grand cosmos, or even a higher dimension, you decided to go here on earth to be a helper for the planet, to experience everything.  

The planet needs our help at this moment, let’s help as much as we can, as much as we feel.  

6. You are an Old Soul  

You’ve been here before; you might feel older, wiser, or that you are an evolved spirit.  

You might find you have difficulty dealing with younger souls who still have much to learn.  

It is essential to be patient with younger souls; you might be a leader who will teach other crucial spiritual truths.  

You are as you feel, listen to your intuition, do as you feel, listen to your body – create a mind-body connection.  

7. Time is a Flawed Manufactured concept.  

Time is a concept made by humans. It is a flawed concept despite its convenience in the physical reals.  

The spiritual fact is everything exists now. The present and future are happening now and are occurring at once.  

For us, in our 3rd dimension, it’s tough to wrap our hands around this fact or even prove it.  

Look at the starts, the further you look out at the stars, the further back in time you see. You see the past there now, but there’s also a present that you cannot see yet.  

8. There are No tricks to your Ascension  

You don’t have to do any tricks or individual exercises to achieve Ascension

You achieve Ascension by choice. When you elevate your vibrations, expand your light, and raise consciousness its Ascension.  

We naturally move toward Ascension as we experience life and move forward to new lessons.  

9 Love is Everything.  

Love is the most energetic feeling of all; love is fullness, love is bliss.  

Self-love is the first and love of the world follows. We are here to spread the love that we receive from the universe.   

It is our mission in life, the essential purpose of all, love ourselves selves and loves the world around us. 


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I am 32, passionate about spirituality, metaphysics, science and psychology. Life coach, speaker and Law Of Attraction certified practitioner. Lead writer for Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind, I like to travel the world and I am an activist.
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