Body and Soul Nourishment – Steps to Do4 min read


Getting straight into the Body and Soul Nourishment steps  

Here are 7 Simple Steps:  

1. If you are falling short on your physical well-being, get busy tending to your body.  

The physical vessel you have chosen for this lifetime is the only one you’ve got. To ignore your health is to ignore the vessel carrying your soul through this physical plane.  

It can hinder your spiritual development when you do not care for the body property.  

2. Mindfully meditate for peace, harmony, and reality control.  

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Even if you cannot seem to enter a full meditation, just sitting quietly for about ten minutes can help produce similar results.  

Silence allows you to calm the body and mind. It can help you learn to control your inner reality, which reflects your outer world.  

3. Create an environment conducive to positivity.  

If you have your home filled with useless things, there is no room for new things to come into your life.  

Clean up the clutter, sage the house, bless it, and turn on some lovely music to change the entire atmosphere around you.  

You are entering a Zen state of mind when the house is cleaned, and there is slow background music such as (meditation music, frequencies or just slow beats)  

4. Be grateful and mind your intentions  

Have gratitude for the things you do have and express it daily; this helps to start your day and your state of mind better.  

Could you write in a journal or say it out loud? Release negative thoughts and replace your thinking with positive thoughts and intentions.  

For example, for every negative thought, replace it with three positive ones and one great affirmation about yourself.  

5. Love yourself and empathize with others.  

Increase your vibrations with acts of self-love. Pamper yourself, take your time to enjoy life.  

Also, be kinder with others, help them in need, and always try to do at least one good thing for someone every day, whether it’s a compliment or just a piece of honest advice.  

Walk a mile in the shoes of another, and you will begin to understand the world from their point of view. Therefore, it will change your whole perspective about life and their life.  

Taking the time to listen and understand others, it’s also taking the time to help and understand ourselves, while we help others, we also help ourselves, we help our soul, demolish our ego and flourish our state of mind.  

6. Let Go of Stress.  

You will meet many challenges in life. Do not dwell on events or mistakes you have made in the past; I have personally done this for years, and I can say it destroy your well-being, soul, and mind.  

Do not sit and worry about the days to come, do not sit and dwell about “the good old days.” What matters is YOU, the present moment, everything you have right now, and the close people around you.   

In hard times you truly discover the close people that love you and want to help you, keep them close as they are everything that matters in life. They are genuinely there for you, and you are genuinely there for them  

Joyful living is another means of lifting your spirit and feeding your soul while letting go of your ego and suffering. It is one of the hardest things to learn to Let Go, but once you’ve done it, your life instantly changes in the best experience you’ve ever had.  

7. Continue to feed the mind.  

You cannot feed the soul if you don’t feed your mind.  

You are here to learn life lessons and to grow as a person. Do not stop the evolution of your soul; never stop learning new things, reading new books, and even better, these articles.  

Make it a habit to learn something new always, read, write, travel, or explore. Your soul will thank you for it, your mind too.  

As we are a soul trapped into a physical body, every experience matters for us, for our consciousness and our soul, try to have as many and as different as possible.