Knowing Your Soul Group / Ways to identify Old Souls5 min read

  • Whether you call it reincarnation or old souls, knowing your soul group is a way to identify those around you too. Here are a few ideas:  

1. You Click instantly  

Soul group members will feel like they have known each other forever. This has happened many times with different people, almost like a deja-vu that we have met before.  

The connection is undeniable, unbreakable, and lasting. You both feel a spiritual lift in the presence of one another.  

You both feel as you were meant to meet, be together and spend time together, there is a trust between you regardless of how long you have known each other, you feel like you can fully trust him/her.  

2. If this person hurts you emotionally, you still find it easy to forgive them.  

The deep and unbreakable connection between soul group members makes the absence of forgiveness and understanding impossible.  

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You both can walk in each other’s shoes emotionally, so forgiveness is a mere request away.  

Once you understand the person’s point of view, it’s easier to see why they acted in a particular way. Not only you see their point of view but also feel their emotional baggage when they have acted in a specific place and time.  

As you can understand each other mentally and emotionally, it’s easy to think of yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what would I have done if I was in that moment?  

3. When you are together, both of you have heightened intuitive abilities.  

The two of you can speak without speaking. You can know how the other is feeling just from a subtle change in their aura.  

If their words do not match their real feeling, you instantly know. You can read each other like an open book.  

4. You are both emotional open and available for one another.  

You have no problems dipping into the deep subconscious pool of emotions and pulling out some of your darkest moments for airing.  

Your soul group member companion has no problem lending you an ear; you would do the same for them.  

You feel as you can talk your heart out about all your childhood problems without being judged, but instead understood and accepted.  

There is a deep level of empathy level between the two of you; therefore, can your trauma without hesitation.  

5. The person reflects your tendencies and attributes.  

Your soul group member is an extension of you. You might have identical likes, habits, gestures, or clothing styles.  

They are here to show you the shadow side of yourself and how to best manage for the betterment of your life.  

As you both complete each other, you learn from one another; life becomes more comfortable, better, and more colorful as you have a real soul friend beside you.  

6. The person comes into your life with perfect timing.  

It is almost impossible to explain or put into words how perfect timing works in real life, it is a feeling, and you realize it only after time has passed.  

You will know and feel when you’ve met this person and how perfectly timed it was.  

7.They create chaos that serves for your greater good.  

Your soul group member might come into your life and wreak a whole lot of havoc too.   

This is because they must stir things up in your life to get you going in the right direction.  

They know this only on a spiritual level and may never be able to put into words how they are feeling.  

All of these things don’t need to happen to know or find your soul member; it is essential to feel and realize that if some of these things have happened, you now know why.  

Most important of all is how you both feel to each other, how you connect and explainable the situation can get, do not run away from it, instead embrace it and accept one another.  

Some could call it “2 people on the same vibration” or “2 lost souls and found again”, you can call it whatever you want, the essential part is your feelings, connection, and trust. 

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