80 Seconds That Will Change How You Think and View the World.1 min read


Some might say this is a fake video or miss interpret it, so let’s clear the air before you we watch it.

We are always looking for change and love in the world, wherever we see it we appreciate it, we are here to spread love, joy and happiness all around us.

Please take a moment and appreciate what you have, because you can have everything and not appreciate, what do you really have then? Nothing.

But you can have very little appreciating and being grateful for every little thing you have, what do you have then? Everything.

After watching this video I stood and stared at the screen for a few good minutes thinking of all the people that don’t have much to be grateful for, yet they are very grateful just to be Alive.

I believe we can all learn from it how to be more grateful and more giving, spreading more love and happiness and less negativity, I think that’s the main reason I am alive, to give joy and happiness to others while I appreciate my own joy and happiness.

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