How to See Somebody’s Aura?5 min read


It is a very cool thing to see someone’s Aura, it is a pleasant experience to see something that most people think is nonexistent or invisible.  

Science has proven that subtle energies affect us whether we want to believe it or not.  

Energy is everywhere, good energy – bad energy, and if you can tune into energy and see it like the Aura, then you can affect how this energy impacts you in your life.  

How to see the Aura on someone else?  

The first thing to do is ask them to stand 10 feet away, and they should stand on a white background or black background. But what you’re looking for is something without any patterns.  

Because if there are patterns, there are distractions that are going to make it harder to see the actual Aura.  

The next thing is to look at the person’s nose, right the top of the nose. You want to watch with a relaxed gaze, don’t stare, be relaxed.         

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The nose isn’t the Aura, but what you want to do is stare at the nose relaxed, and then use your peripheral vision.   

The peripheral vision means looking out of the corner of your eyes. The fact is that your eyes are curved, which they can see a different spectrum of light on the side, on the edge of your eyes, and you can head-on.  

 What you will first see around their head and shoulders is a transparent fog. The first time you see, the Aura is going to be very transparent.  

If you ever went out on a hot day and you see those heat waves kind of shimmering? That’s what it will first look like, barely an inch off the shoulder.  

Once you catch it and you see it, don’t get too excited and move your vision to stare at it, because it will disappear instantly. 

 Keep looking at the nose and observe it with your peripheral vision.  

Quietly observe the Aura, watch it and notice it, like you’re studying it. When you begin to study it, that’s when the Aura will become brighter and more into focus.  

When you’re looking at their nose, and you’re trying to use your peripheral vision, but you can’t quite catch it, move your vision from the center of their nose to the center of their forehead, just a slight movement up helps a lot and is all it takes to catch it for the first time.  

What you’re trying to do Is first to notice it, that’s the hardest part, after that you get to observe it and once you are fully relaxed watching their Aura, that’s when it becomes brighter and brighter.  

Some people can see the Aura right away; others take a few minutes, depends on the person how well they focus. Don’t be discouraged; anybody can see it.  

At some point, you will see the Aura, you will be practicing with it, and you’re going to blink.  

When you are going to blink, the Aura will completely disappear but don’t panic, that’s normal, and it happens to everybody.  

Your consciousness is plugged into your brain and your body, when you blink, it tells your consciousness to reset.  

When you are watching the Aura, you’re tuning into that frequency of energy.  

And as soon as you blink, it drops you down to start from the beginning all over again. 

 The more you practice, the less this is going to happen.  

Many have asked me how do you know that’s the Aura of somebody’s and not something else? Like your mind playing tricks and this is a normal thing to happen.  

My answer to this is that if you are getting good at seeing the Aura, then try looking at different people in the same spot, and you will see that the color of the Aura differs from person to person, some people have a brighter color, blue, yellowish, others have it pale.  

You will know, and you will feel it, some aura’s look the same as some people’s personality, it is something hard to explain and even harder to be proven, practice it for yourself, and you’ll find your answers.