5 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening2 min read


What is spiritual awakening?

Besides being a fancy word, awakening your spirituality actually means activating your sensors. Yes, your sensors.Those sensors that allows us to receive energy and vibrations from, well, everything around us.

Spiritual awakening is a step towards understanding your true existence. Here are 5 easy to spot symptoms that you can identify and understand if you are shifting your consciousness and awake your spirit.

1. Your sleeping cycle is a lot different lately.  What this means, is that you wake up a lot during your night sleep, you are feeling always tired, no matter how much you sleep. A good point would be to understand that you can make it with less sleep. I know this might sound unnatural, but many serious studies showed us this.

2. Vivid dreams ( also known as lucid dreaming ) Here, we talk about those dreams that are so real that you hardly distinguish them from reality. Many people will also manage to actually control what to dream, similar to the movie Inception but this is a different topic.

3. Solitude and introspection. That person that will say that he doesn’t go out as much as he did.

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4. Intuitive boost. The most common intuitive boost is the situation when you think about a particular thing and them you somehow own it or think about a person and soon get news from that person.

5. Dizziness. Your body might have just passed a sentimental breakdown and your level of energy is balancing back.

Are any of those symptoms familiar to you? If yes, prepare yourself for some big news: you are shifting your spirituality levels towards spiritual awakening. No worries, everything is under control. All you need to do is believe in yourself and take action.

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