Our Divine, Psychedelic Nature4 min read


By Michael Pinello

Creation of all things follows an extremely complex, never ending math equation that expands outward. As our evolutionary timeline progresses over time, aspects of ourselves and the universe around us get increasingly more complex. We are a creation based species, and every aspect of our existence is driven by different forms of creation.

Today I would like to talk about creativity and the evolution of the human brain. Creativity is not something that living beings have always been able to experience and express.

Over time our species has developed this aspect of ourselves and there are a lot of theories that could explain why. In this instance I would like to focus on a theory referred to as “The Stoned Ape Theory.”

This theory was made popular by Terence Mckenna in his book “Food of The Gods.” The idea behind this theory is that every living thing on this planet is connected, each having a specific effect on the human evolutionary timeline.

In this case, Terence takes a look at shamanism and the use of psychoactive plants as a way of directly contacting the spirit world. It is very likely that early Hominid species would have been trying any and all plant life to explore different food sources. It is thought that at a certain point these Hominids encountered Psilocybin containing mushrooms and their many mystical effects on the human brain. After the effects of the mushrooms were discovered, tribes all over the globe started using them for sacred rituals of togetherness and progression.

The psychedelic chemicals contained in various plants all have a similar structure and similar effects on the human brain. This theory is not just a shot in the dark; research shows that our brains are equipped with receptors for these psychoactive and mystical chemicals.

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It would seem that our brains have evolved simultaneously with these substances, allowing for exploration and reconnection with our divine nature. We are a substance driven species, always searching for altered states of consciousness to aid in our expansion.

There are symbols hailing these magic mushrooms all throughout human history. These symbols can be seen in ancient art and in religious documents alike.

The story of Adam and Eve in particular speaks of the sacred fruit of the gods that the humans are forbidden to eat, it is said that to eat this fruit makes the person one of the gods.

This could be hinting at the fact that these psychoactive compounds reveal our true divine nature, allowing us to see that we really are divine at our core.

Main stream culture does not support in the consumption of psychedelic plants, and this seems to be because of the effects it can have on the human thought process. We start to question our creation and our purpose on this planet.

If these compounds were used on a mass basis, it would surely mean the downfall of the dominator culture that we live in today.

The human brain is able to perceive much more of the universe when we push boundaries, dissolve our egos, and recognize the divine connection between every living thing.

These substances allow for complex thought and can give us knowledge of ourselves that we never seemed imaginable.

We are here to explore and expand our consciousness, and these substances were put here on this planet as tools to aid us in the spiritual process.

Along with developing spiritual these compounds are now being proven to aid in curing depression, anxiety, and even addiction. In the game of life we are playing on Earth, rediscovering our nature and returning to our source in the stars is what we are working towards. There are many other practices that aid in the expansion of human consciousness, but Psychedelic compounds seem to be a direct gateway to the Cosmos. In a world filled with endless possibilities and outcomes, we are obligated to question everything and learn as much as possible before we depart for the stars.

Let the love and light consume your soul and illuminate the world around you. I love you all so much, WE ARE ALL ONE.

Here are a couple videos of Terence Mckenna talking about our connection with hallucinogens.


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