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Have you ever noticed how often unexpectedly these numerals show up in your life at the oddest moments and situations?  Is there something we don’t know about the significance of the number 11:11 regarding global consciousness?

Can our daily lives be influenced by the vibration of these numbers have? 

You’re doing some housework and the clock shows 11:11. It may sound strange, but it seems that the more you start paying attention to this hour, the more you get to see these numbers showing up in your life, on a regular basis.

Generally speaking, this is something that many people, throughout the world are going thru, this is exactly why this subject has been the core of so many debates and written discourses.

Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence.

And there comes the concept of synchronicity into the scene. According to some Author’s opinion the fact that you see 11:11 is a good sign and that there are some mystical powers that come with these numbers. 

We can see change happening everywhere around us, everything surrounding us, including numbers, has a certain vibration and functions on a certain frequency.

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In fact, the number 11:11 is a spiritual and powerful number, similar to other numbers and symbols surrounding us, the vibration that comes along with 11:11 is, as well, an important part of the collective consciousness,

There are many reasons why people choose to give certain meanings to dates and numbers.

Take this example: “ The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” 11:00 A.M ( Paris Time ) November 11, 1918, which is the date when word war I ended thanks to the armistice that came into effect.

Or this other example: November 11, 2011, or Better said “11/11/11”, is the date when the number of marriages taking places throughout the world increased, also, numerous pregnancies were taking place at this time, and those born on this date attracted special attention from the media. 

Whats the meaning of all this? 

It seems that many consider it as a Sign, showing a powerful “call to consciousness” that has taken charge of the whole planet. 

What 11:11 really means has a lot to do with how aware we are and how much we are able to understand the importance of the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Of course, the way the 11:11 vibration influences our lives takes a specific turn for each of us.

However, there is something common with all people going through this. It seems that many reported that there is a certain reason why they’re shown this 11:11 combination.

If you want to understand how 11:11 manifest into your life, you will certainly give it your own interpretation, according to where you are in your earthly experience right now.

Some believe that anytime you see 11:11 or 11:11 on a clock it is your go-to sign for a profound manifestation.

This means that at that exact moment,  you have to opportunity to use your intentions in order to manifest what you want.

At this precise moment, the universe helps you manifest faster and more efficient whatever it is that you are thinking of.

So what should you do when such synchronicity happens in your life and you see this combination of numbers?

First of all, you should simply stop whatever it is you are doing and be in the moment.

Just try to be aware of your thoughts or actions that you are experiencing in that very instance.

Be more aware of what surrounds you, like really listening to the lyrics of the song you can hear, or the beautiful sky that is above you.


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